Geert Wilders Trial Adjourned

Oct 4 (Reuters) – Judges adjourned the trial of Dutch anti-Islamist politician Geert Wilders on Monday until Tuesday to decide on concerns raised by Wilder’s defence about the impartiality of the judges.

Wilders is on trial for inciting hate, but invoked his right to silence on Monday, prompting the presiding judge to say it appeared he was again trying to avoid discussion about his views, sparking concerns for an unfair process from his lawyer. (Editing by Charles Dick)

Mr Wilders is charged with inciting hate and discrimination against Muslims in comments he made in the media and for insulting Muslims by comparing the Islamic faith to Nazism.

“With me, the freedom of speech of many, many Dutchmen is on trial,” Mr Wilders told Presiding Judge Jan Moors

Trial of Dutch MP adjourned

Judges have adjourned the trial of Dutch anti-Islamist politician Geert Wilders because of concerns
raised by his defence about their impartiality.

Mr Wilders is on trial for inciting hatred against Muslims, but he invoked his right to silence today, prompting the presiding judge to say it appeared he was again trying to avoid discussion about his views sparking concerns from his lawyer. (More from Irishtimes)

Video thanks to PI, in German:   Wilders Prozess 4.10.2010 (the narration is hateful, derisive and full of bile)

The Muslims are obliged to bring your country under the Sharia doctrine. Muslims’ idea is to make the law of the mosque the law of the land, which is dictated by the Koran.

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  1. From AP report:

    [Mohamed Rabbae, chairman of the moderate National Moroccan Council, said outside the court that he hoped judges would force Wilders to issue an apology for his past remarks.

    “We are not for getting Mr. Wilders in prison. We are for correcting him,” Rabbae said.]

    Yes, “correction” is far more important than punishment – he must be made to recant and accept that islam is peace, and all the baggage that goes with it.

    Show trial, or justice?

    ( )

  2. Geert Wilders has nothing to apologize for. He made one remark which I thought was over the top, suggesting to ban the Koran and comparing it to Mein Kampf, but even there, this was a political mistake and not anything anyone with a brain should see as cause for prosecution. One is not being ‘hateful’ for pointing out clear examples of fanatical belief in a mission to dominate the world by force. Logically, one may see parallels between certain ideas expressed in the Koran and in Mein Kampf, but politically drawing such analogies one risks losing touch with the electoral middle ground. I am sure Wilders does not want to do that. He does not want to be another fringe figure a la Le Pen who is animating the frustrations of idiots. But hw he can only succeed in his aims if he shows political maturity, and clear understanding there is a political solution to the problem of islamization of the Netherlands. One does not need to resort to rhetorical overkill which really signals to most people that one does not have an ‘acceptable’ solution. Let me difine that ‘acceptable solution’ as one that does not materially threaten non-violent Muslims who are already in Holland and who desire to live in a liberal democracy, under the jurisdiction of Dutch laws applicable to all Dutch without exception.

  3. So it is not OK to equate the koran with Mein Kampf, but…

    [Fourth Reich nightmare begins in Holland

    Posted on29 September 2010. Tags: Geert Wilders, Holland, Netherlands

    Mr. Geert Wilders has started the course which lays the foundation of the Fourth Reich in Holland. From there is will spread to the rest of Europe. Already the Neo-Nazis have made major encampment in all EU countries. A fire in a Reichstag of the death of a prominent politician will then unleash unspeakable atrocities on the people of Europe, specially the Muslims.]

  4. The very first European Heresy trial of the 21st century. In fact more heresy trials are on the way, but this time for those who cast doubt on the science and the scientists of AGW.

    Maybe their kids will be threatened for immediate execution by blowing them up, unless they recant their heresy and accept that producing CO2 is the greatest crime against humanity.

    At this moment Wilders is being prosecuted (persecuted) for slandering the Religion of Peace that has been creating killing fields in every continent bar Antarctica (I will accept being corrected here), but they can also get him on other issues.

  5. Mullah Lootabulla,

    Wilders doesn’t support violence – unlike Muhammed during his life, who beheaded 600-900 people over one night. Slash! Screams and crying!

    Wilders wants to protect us from the nightmare of islam rule. He is doing the right thing. He looks things in longer time frame than ordinary politicians, who live for today. He sees what is the plan of muslims whose lands are running out of oil in 300 years – and they keep on making babies. Who is going to feed the children in the sand box, desert? Muslims try to breed in Europe and America – to create a muslim majority, so they could take over our lands to move away from the desert.

    Well, we don’t want that. We want to preserve our culture, because it’s softer and more humain that any muslim country on this Earth. There are 20-30 nations in Europe, each has their own character: we don’t want to kill our thousands of years olds cultures by islam! Sorry. You can dream about Virgins in the sandbox.

    Please: use birth control and educate your women, so you can start earning money in other ways (not just oil) – then you will have a future in your own homeland. You don’t need to come and rob ours!

  6. CanardBleu,
    We agree with your sentiments, but we are going to have to fight and destroy the muslim invaders. We will win, but we will loose some people. The muslims will be totally and utterly destroyed. Muslims have never worked – why will they start now?

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