Glenn Beck: Who are Fabian Socialists?

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Glenn Beck vs Fabian Socialism

This week, Glenn Beck of the Fox News Channel is taking on Fabian Socialism. Glenn Beck begins with the origin of the Fabian Society is 1884 when intellectual elites in London, England banded together to spread a different form of Marxism known as Gradualism. The Fabians took their name from the Roman general, Quintus Fabius Maximus, famous for hisstrategy of harassment and attrition. The Fabians selected for a logo a turtle, a slow moving creature with the moto “When I Strike, I Strike Hard”. For their emblem, the Fabians chose a shield bearing a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This provides us with insight as to how they think and operate. (Continued below the fold/ or go to Rightpundits)

Glenn Beck show presents:

GLENN: Here is George Bernard Shaw, probably the most famous Fabian socialist, what we would call a progressive here in America.

SHAW: You must all know half a dozen people at least who are no use in this world, who are more trouble than they are worth. Just put them there and say Sir, or Madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence? If you can’t justify your existence, if you’re not pulling your weight, and since you won’t, if you’re not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little more, then, clearly, we cannot use the organizations of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of very much use to yourself.

GLENN: Okay. Stop. So, he’s saying here we must all know people that, you know, are a burden to society and just put them in front and say justify your life and if they can’t justify what they do for society, well, then we just will have to kill them. We don’t you don’t your life has no purpose to us. Does it’s cold and calculating as someone saying I could put a pillow over the face of a child so, who are these Fabian socialists? Fabian socialists will make you believe that, oh, well, that’s old stuff, just exactly the way the progressives do now. They dismiss their history, but can you tell me, can a bad can a bad tree bear good fruit? Can a seed of can could the Nazis, could could Stalin grow anything that is good? Could a seed that comes from Stalin grow anything good? Could it?

Philosophically I don’t think so. I don’t think so. The progressives and the Fabian socialists want to deny or distance themselves, all the while Hillary Clinton says I’m an early more than, early 20th century American progressive. That’s who George Bernard Shaw was hanging out with and they had the same elitist kind of ideas. It is where it is where the idea of eugenics, breed the perfect race, breed a better voter. So, here’s the Fabian socialists, their plan. These are just their these are just their goals and, again, there’s no Star Chamber here. These are all stated.

No. 1, a strong, centralized government. Do you agree with that? No. 2, a powerful executive at the expense of Congress and the judicial. No. 3, government controlled banking, credit, and securities exchange. Do you agree with these so far? How many ask if you agree with them and then ask how many have been done. No. 4, government control over employment. No. 5, unemployment insurance and old age pensions. No. 6, universal medical care, food, and universal housing programs. By the way, did I tell you in an unrelated move that Fannie and Freddie, the government, will be underwriting 98% of all loans this year and they’re about to stop all foreclosures. Anyway, I don’t know what the universal housing program here in the Fabian socialist made me think of that, but No. 7, access to unlimited government borrowing. No. 8, a managed monetary system. No. 9, government control over foreign aid. No. 10, government control over all natural energy sources, transportation, and agricultural production. No. 11, government regulation of labor. No. 12 I find this one fascinating youth camps devoted to health discipline, community service, and idealogical teaching consistent with those of the authorities. Who was it that said we should have a youth oh, I remember. It was Andy Stern recently. Hey, wait a minute. Andy Stern I know is a progressive in Workers of the World Unite and I know that Richard Trumpka has been speaking at the Fabian socialist. I wonder no. I’m sure it’s a coincidence. Andy Stern, oh, and the Center For American Progress, John Podesta and George Soros. Hum. Anyway, George Soros is American Center For American Progress had this idea that Andy Stern came up with all by himself in complete complete coincidence. He was talking about we should have 15 to 24 year olds do community service and we could pay them for it and we’ll create a million and a half jobs overnight. No. 13, heavy progressive taxation.

Have these been done? If they’re not finished yet, they’re pretty darn close. So, now who are the world leaders, because, remember, as the world goes into chaos, who are the world leaders?


Glenn Beck vs Fabian Socialism


A year before, another group in London called the Fellowship of New Life had been formed, advocating a return to the simple life, as well as vegetarianism and pacifism. It’s founder, Thomas Davidson, believed that pure intelligence would lead to a better society. The Fellowship, or ‘The Guild’ as the members called it, thought that smaller communities would make reorganizing individual lives easier, and such reorganization would achieve the goal of improving humanity slowly, gradually over time.

The Fabians were more of a political splinter group from the Fellowship of New Life. Whereas the Fellowship soon disbanded, the Fabians grew in numbers and power. Led by the husband and wife team of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, the Fabians attracted the best and brightest of Britain’s intellectual elite, such as writers George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, and Virginia Woolf. From the Fabians the British Labour Party was formed and nurtured in 1900 preaching ‘co-operative economics’ and reforms in the name of ‘social justice’.

The Webbs, with help from the likes of Shaw and others, created the London School of Economics. To be fair, The LondonSchool of Economics was not always a hotbed of big-government socialist types. Indeed, one of the champions of free market capitalism, Frederick A. Hayek, taught there. An early head of the school, Lionel Robbins, was also a follower of the Austrian School, led by Ludwig von Mises (under whom Hayek has studied) and Robbins, like Hayek, was an early critic of John Maynard Keynes. But in more recent years, the LSE has produced more dubious characters, like George Soros.

Which goes to show that even the intellectual elites of the Fabian Society can get it wrong and make a big mistake. Characters like George Bernard Shaw openly advocated eugenics and social euthanasia for those unable to contribute to society. Shaw even proposed that scientists should come up with a painless gas that could be used for snuffing out undesirables.

A major tenant of the Fabian Society is the doctrine of gradualism. To achieve goals over a long period of time through incremental changes. They were also advocates of what they called ‘communitarianism’, that individuals must always suborn themselves to the will and needs of the society. Thus, like the Progressive Movement in the United States, the Fabians use the method of small steps, slowly nudging the masses towards Socialism.

Glenn Beck sees the Fabian Society and their brand of Socialism as just as evil as those of the Progressives. Together, the Fabians and Progressives form the base of an idea for a New World Order run by an Anglo-American alliance. This concept was further promoted by folks like Cecil Rhodes, who founded the Rhodes Scholarship to indoctrinate Americans like Bill Clinton in England. Rhodes believed that the United States, England, and Germany, should dominate the world. Rhodes put it this way, “In order to save the forty million inhabitants of the United Kingdom from a bloody civil war, our colonial statesmen must acquire new lands for settling surplus population of this country… The Empire, as I have always said, is abread and butter issue.”

But, as we have seen, colonialist ambitions have given way to Fabian Socialism as Glenn Beck points out. Gradually convincing people that the State, especially a Global State, can bring about social justice and economic equality. It is fitting that Glenn Beck exposes the Fabian Society for what it truly is, what they even embrace themselves, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That we need to be shepherds as Glenn Beck to stop Fabian Socialism from achieving it’s objective.


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  1. And so what does this have to do with anything? he makes himself so studious and intelligent only to tell us what all of already have known for decades. There is europe, there is Russia, Asia and the Arabs and S. America all vieing to own the world or at least ensure its supreamacy in it. Call them Fabians but they refer to a culture that is unique that doesnt fit in with mosques and all that is happening re. Islam. Of course Beck didn’t make that point….he was just concerned with his ego.

  2. good does come out of bad, and bad does come out of good: australia has a horrible past against the aboriginals;christianity has a horribble past in the name of jesus christ; usa has a horrible past against its natives and with slavery and apartheid–just to mention a few bad things out of which good has grown. And if you look at the teachings of jesus christ,they were totally good; yet you have in christianity inquisition, slavery,racism etc.nazism and communism took controll of russia and germany and other totally christian nations:bad coming out of good.bad and good are intertwined.

  3. shula
    Whites also suffered when they colonised Australia. White people were used as slave labor, white British children were forcibly taken away from their families and used as colonial expansion fodder, a lot of these children were sexually abused as well.

    I think people like you are being intellectually dishonest when you only cite Aboriginals.

  4. ironside i wasnt talking about who did what to whom. i was showing that good can come out of bad and bad can come out of good. your example also shows how evil came out of good christian people.

  5. Creeping Socialism is like Creeping Islamism and just as destructive. In fact creeping left wing moonbat Socialist are invariably Islamophiles and Green NAZIS which makes them stupid as well as dangerous. Shula Christian badness is in OPPOSITION to Christian teaching but Islamic badness is EXACTLY what Mohammad did and the Koran teaches. THATS the difference.

  6. Shula —

    The Ottoman Turks were brutal colonialists and imperialists too, horribly oppressing the Rayah [i.e. “herd of cattle”] Greeks, Armenians, Georgians, Ossetians, Slavs, Latins, Albanians, Venetians, Saxons, Jews, and Magyars.

  7. Maryanne; thanks for your post. As a lot of us have known about these groups. I was reading info about all these NWO folks 25 years ago before Fox and the internet.

    Another little known group is the Pilgrims Society who are heavily into all arenas of finance. Timothy Geithner and his father, Peter, were members. Seems Peter has a strong connection to Stanley Ann Dunham who met up in some third world country to establish their micro economics. Thanks to the Ford Foundation and other do gooder organizations that contribute large sums of money. (huge tax deductibles, I might add) Another group is the Tavistock Institute; connecting the dots, I found that they gave large donations to the Weather Underground; yep, Ayers, “just a guy in my neighborhood”
    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. AIM has a video of the WU from an FBI informant that tell of them ready to eliminate millions of people that can’t be re-educated. So this follows the same path and ideology of the New Age and green movement. Population control.

    Trying to get through the maze and connect all the dots to these groups is mind boggling at times.

    shula should be glad WoJ does not discriminate against mentally challenged posters on here.

  8. funkybarfly, what´s your gripe? that youtube prooves my point… good can come out of evil. philip daniel,yep,i know. anns, you are saying the same thing i am saying, but you are using many many more words. as for woj, he is intelligent enough to understand what i am getting at.

  9. shula you seem to be completely ignorant of reality. When a Christian does bad things he is acting AGAINST the teachings of Jesus, But when a Mohammedan does bad things he is acting exactly as Mohammad himself did and who Muslims are told to try and emulate as the “PERFECT” man and the Koran teaches.

  10. its interesting how you guys are more intent on labeling me than on adressing the issue. beck said at the end of his ramblings that good cannot come out of evil,and my comments are a response to that. i am trying to show that evil can come out of good: it is the goodness in democracy (and christianity) that has allowed islam to take root and spread itself unhindered in our democracy… i have always believed democracy to be the greatest concept mankind has created, and now i find that it cannot save itself from its enemy!

  11. shula its not Christianity and Democracy that has allowed Mohammedanism to prosper its Political Correctness and Left Wing moonbat stupidity.

  12. kaw, thank you!!! i like the expression moonbat stupidity. but there isn`t much one can discuss with it. but politically correct, that´s an interesting phenomenon. here we are,free expression of thought one of the most cherished pillars of our democracy, and all of a sudden all politicians, all media, all intellectuals, all religious leaders(also christian ones) stop all discussion on the particular issue of islam…! in all the democratic western countries!! what´s going on? how did this come to be ? we need to understand why and how this came to be.

  13. Shula,you are incapable of writing a coherent sentence.I perused your excruciating posts and have come to the conclusion that you are exactly the problem.You seem to think that being a fence sitting ignoramus constitutes a moral position.Make up your mind or get out of the way.

  14. oh funkybarfly,funkybarfly, you cannot understand what i am saying so you tell me to shut up!? you are hurtling invective at little old me who never did you any harm? i am not in the least bit interested in morality,it´s like political correctness. i am interested in looking at ideas and practising constructive critisim. and i am interested in how it came to be that we allowed islam to grow so powerful in the occidental democracies.

  15. “that we allowed islam to grow so powerful in the occidental democracies.”
    I would say it’s about the oil, payoff money, fear and koolaid drinkers who think it’s sexy to accept this violent and culture of death ideology. Cowards always take to the side of the bully. And there is what? 2 billion +- muslims

    Realist, very well put. Thanks

  16. anns, i agree with you.and if one conciders that the population of the occidental democracies is less than a billion then one can see how important it is to stick together. but we dont… it´s not just the lefties importing antidemocratic elements; its also our need for their oil and having to accept their conditions. because we are democracies we cant just go in and conquer those oilrich nations, but they can come in and conquer us with their fast growing population!

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