"Infidel Rights"

Robert Spencer gets another death threat:

“Robert Spencer has his right to speech. But someday he will slip up, he will visit a place that doesn’t honor such infidel “rights.”

“infidel rights”, how cute!   In the comments, I found this:

Andrew G. Bostom/American Thinker

Constitutional Law Smacks Down Sharia Law in Michigan

Diametrically opposed governmental reactions to recent Koran burning episodes are on display in Britain and the United States.

The British reaction demonstrates the extent to which our “mother country” has retrogressed toward a full self-imposed dhimmitude of the non-Muslim majority under Sharia-based tenets dictated by its mainstream fundamentalist Muslim community — despite the latter being a relatively small demographic minority. According to The Daily Mail,

Six suspects were seized after allegedly torching the Muslim holy book in the backyard of a pub… Two men were arrested on suspicion of stirring racial hatred, and have since been released on bail. On Wednesday (9/23/10) four more Gateshead men were arrested and bailed….Police confirmed the arrests were in relation to burning the book, not for making, distributing or watching the video. “On Wednesday, September 22, four men from Gateshead were arrested on suspicion of stirring racial hatred,” a spokesman said.

Contrast this craven abandonment of free speech and capitulation to Islamic supremacism in Britain with the sober — and US Constitution-affirming — reaction of Stuart Dunnings III, prosecuting attorney in Ingham County. Michigan.

As reported in the Detroit News, Dunnings categorically rejected intense pressure from local Muslim leaders to pursue charges against a Lansing, Michigan man who admitted to burning a Koran outside an East Lansing mosque. For example, Dawud Walid, executive director of the Hamas front and unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation jihad terrorism funding trial, Council on American-Islamic Relations-Michigan, argued vociferously that the Koran burner, whose identity has been protected by local authorities, face federal charges. Walid fumed;

Not to prosecute this hate crime would send a terrible message to bigots that there will be no legal repercussion against those who intimidate Muslims at their houses of worship.

But Dunnings refused to abide the hypocritical, taqiyya-laden arguments by the Sharia-supremacist organization CAIR and its Michigan spokesperson. Prosecutor Dunnings simply “..didn’t find there was any violation of Michigan law.” Elaborating, Dunnings further denied there was any evidence of a “hate crime,” and he also affirmed that the act itself was Constitutionally protected free expression, as had been determined previously for flag burning

Burning a holy book, whose pages were found outside the Islamic Center of East Lansing on Sept. 11, doesn’t qualify as a hate crime…We don’t have a hate crime. There was no threat of physical intimidation because (the man who burned the Koran) was the only one there at the time…The act also was protected by the First Amendment

11 thoughts on “"Infidel Rights"”

  1. There is a lot of pressure on people like Dunnings. ACT , and concerned organizations should support him by at least sending a letter of thanks for doing his job…

    Yes, I know, it is only his job! but just look at the number of people that are not doing theirs! People in the media, in politics, in the church, in the army, in the University system, school system…etc., etc.

    Mr. Dunning has done his job and as a consequence has honored those very people that have suffered, and continue to suffer under sharia.

    Thank you Mr. Dunning for honoring America’s Constitution. Those that have sacrificed their lives to keep America free are truly honored by your very actions.

    Let’s be clear…there are many today that value a fast buck over principle!

    Dunning is not one of them. We need more people like Dunning.

  2. In fact, any article by Raymond Ibrahim should be read. They are relatively short, full of relevant information and to the point.

    Get on his mailing list.

  3. Agreed Steiner,
    Folks, send Mr. Dunning an honest thank-you letter. The PC obamariites WILL try and destroy him.

  4. Dunnings will need the support, but it is obvious that ACT has had far more success in the U.S. than the EDL in England, and consequently is indirectly providing that support.

    What differences exist between ACT and EDL that has made ACT more successful? Should the EDL begin to follow the same winning pattern?

    Another point that I wish to raise in regards to the English Government and Halal meat that all are being forced to eat…from public schools to the general public..

    For meat to be Halal, non-Muslims must not come into contact with it when it is at least being slaughtered, and even after it has been deemed to be Halal by the imam….

    Consequently, now that the English public is practically being force fed Halal meat, isn’t the English government allowing discrimination to occur in its meat industry?

    No infidel will be hired in these places since their very sweat will contaminate anything that is Halal!

    Isn’t the English government colluding with Islamists to allow this to occur? to allow the Halal industry to take over, if not actively encouraging it?

    Did the Government not advertise for over 50000 Pakistani butchers some time back to be allowed into to the country?

    Consequently, English infidel butchers are being discriminated against and sidelined by their very government…Where are those in the justice system whose very job is to prevent collusion and discrimination?

  5. The implications are troubling…present English butchers are in a position of losing their livelihood, unless they convert…Why is the government colluding against them? How different is this from what the Saudis do to infidels who work in their countries…forcing them ultimately to convert if they wish to have job security? Why is the English government allowing sharia law…the law of other sovereign states, to govern in England?

    What horrible scenarios are nonMuslims to be facing next in their very countries?

    A government that allows self proclaimed soldiers of another country to live in the midst of its citizens is at the very least a disloyal government!

  6. I know a Brit expat here in the Philippines……when I asked him about “Londonistan” he became very defensive. One word led to another and when I told him to kiss my colonial butt, and then go find a “Paki” and apologize to him for something….the man went red-faced ballistic with the, “Raaaaaaacisssssssssssssst” slur. Did you know that you can actually be charged with a crime for using the word “Paki” in public?

  7. I know many French who behave in the same fashion.

    I even came across one kook who told me that the carbeques and the burning of businesses is “good for the economy”, go figure!

    I didn’t know that using the word “Paki” is a crime, but I suppose “Aussie, Kraut, Yank, Jap, Chink, Limey or Pom” is equally punished?

  8. But it does not end there. Any one who wishes to be a butcher in the future will not only have to train, but to have job security they will have to convert as well! This is truly horrible…and how about the landowners..what will they have to do as well when Islamists will have gained control of this industry.

    At this point there is no reason to keep on working. It is high time to stop all work, stop paying all taxes, strike continually and totally withdraw any support to businesses that are willing to quietly support islamification.

    And what of these dirty, scum infested politicians that are turning a blind eye to all of this in quiet support…?!

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