'Tell the Truth!'

MRC Launches $2.1 Million Campaign Demanding Liberal Media ‘Tell the Truth!’ (News Busters)

Trucks Encircle ABC, CBS, NBC, Challenge ‘Liberal’ Media to ‘Tell The Truth’

Calling the liberal mainstream media the “‘shock troops’ of the Obama administration,” NewsBusters publisher and Media Research Center president Brent Bozell has “declared war on the liberal media” with a new $2.1 million campaign to demand they stop lying and “Tell The Truth!” about Obama, the damage his radical policies have caused, and to cease immediately the character assassinations launched against the Tea Parties.

MRC President Brent Bozell provided these remarks in the live webcast launch of the campaign:

What would have been the reaction of the American people if on Election Day 2008, they had gone to the polls knowing that in electing Barack Obama, they were electing the single most radical socialist in the history of this country? I submit to you he never would have been elected. That’s the power of the left-wing media … I call the news media the ‘shock troops’ of the Obama administration because they’re the ones doing all the dirty work – for him – so that he doesn’t have to do it.

The national campaign — accessible online at www.TellTheTruth2010.org — will reach millions of people each week through end of 2010 and includes:  (Read more)