Yigal Carmon, President of MEMRI: Muslim Jew-Hate and Holocaust Praise

Thanks to Vlad Tepes & Kitman TV:

The founder and operator of the incalculably important MEMRI TV organization, that monitors Muslim and Arab media and subtitles it for the benifit of the wider world, spoke in early Oct. to a select group of people in Geneva Switzerland.

KitmanTV was present and was able to film the speech he gave and here made a synopsis of it, with the actual clips refered to interjected in the speech. This is a very important clip. Please feel free to embed on your own sites.

An absolute Must Watch!

MEMRI TV – Yigal Carmon – New Trends In arab Anti Semitism (Excerpt of his lecture at the UN)

The last clips analysed by Yigal Carmon, which deals with the deep felt muslim longing for a second Holocaust – which the Umma will be given the “priviledge” of executing – is about as sick as it gets…
Admittedly, the left funding and hiding this jew-hate in the arab world for decades- while at the same time accusing every freedom loving patriot of being a national socialist- is a good second on this sick-list though

MEMRI President On Muslim Jew-Hate and Holocaust Praise

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  1. For those observant, the Jewish woman is kissing the hand of an American soldier who rescued her – and this has been warped into something else by these dishonest muslims – are there any honest muslims??

  2. Hםw anybody can believe that it is possible to make peace with this people, or even have a dialog with them?? Those are not opinions but pure evil evil evil!!!

  3. Kaw, Urban11, Ironside, and Nati

    Do you now realize why I keep posting the following statement?

    “What is the French word for bayonet?”

    A tongue-in-cheek comment that is actually quite chilling in its message. It has become quite apparent to me that those who brandish cold steel must be given cold steel right in the breadbasket.

    Hope all of you have exstensive weapons training and have access to at the very least an M-16, Autoshotguns or pump action with high capacity, pistols, and lots of reliable ammunition. Also, do not practice shooting these weapons at round targets…only human figures wil do. You must psychologically train yourself to shoot at the human form, as we did in the US Army and Police Training. I would recommend watching a beheading video first to get the proper frame of mind for serious marksmanship training.

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