Saudi development aid for Switzerland

The (Islamic)  Central Council of Switzerland (IZRS) is  officially supported  by the Saudi regime.

Because the “oath comrades”  (Swiss citizens)  are in Saudi eyes a backward developing country, the Saudis are ready to take their very own kind of “development assistance”  to them.  The house of Saud  donates  to the poor, ignorant  Swiss  1000 freshly printed Korans in order to bring Switzerland on the “correct” path.

The books will arrive at the end of November in Berne  according to  IZRS speaker Quaasim Illi……. (Bern Online)

(No bible or other religious scripture is allowed to be imported to Sowdi Barbaria)

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Toon of the Day

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Impeach, impeach, impeach!

Pamela Geller: The Democrats War on America

By their fruits we shall know them, and so we know them. This is who and what the Democrats are. They are at war with the American people. It wasObama and Hillary, his Secretary of State, who reported the American people to the most egregious abusers of basic human rights, the UN ‘Human Rights” Council, which includes Cuba, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Libya, Angola, Mauritania, Qatar, and Malaysia. Child slavery, anyone?

This is the first time ever that the US  is facing scrutiny from the evil forces of the UN Human Rights Council. Thank you, Obama. More proof that he is either an America-hater or a madman. (Atlas Shrugs)

Obamessiah Meltdown Watch

Marxist Utopia becomes undone:

Queen Michelle: “We’re Trying to Restore Destroy  The American Dream, The Same Vision Hussein Fought For as a Communist Organizer”… (ZIP)

The clock is ticking:

Michelle Obama Says: ‘We Don’t Have Much Time’…

(Politico) — “We don’t have much time,” Michelle Obama declared to voters on Monday, urging them to get out the vote as her husband stayed at the White House and worked the phones the day before the midterms.  (ZIP)

Heartbreak on Tingles Ridge:

Tingles on Why Obama’s Been a Failure: He’s an “Elitist,” Chicago-Style Politics, “That Damn Teleprompter”… (ZIP)

A Dude with ‘a heck of a problem’

George W. Bush used to joke that people “misunderestimated” him. Barack Obama lacks that ability to laugh at himself, which is a sign of what is probably his greatest personal failure – an arrogant refusal to take advice.

Obama supporter Kathleen Parker is confronted with the evidence during Obama’s interview with Jon Stewart last week:  “Are we the people we were waiting for…?”

Obama’s heck of a problem (Andrew Bolt)

Reality bites:

(The Hill) A plurality of Americans — almost two in five — say they view President Obama as most likely to last only a single term, a new poll found Monday.

Socialism Isn’t Cool (Dr Bulldog & Ronin)

Jihad & Sharia: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Sharia: A Muslim’s life is worth twice that of a Jew or Christian, and fifteen times more than that of a Hindu or Buddhist

From the website of the Consulate General of India, Jeddah, who is recording these matters because they come up in connection with his people who are working in Saudi Arabia (via JW)

How Feisal Abdul Rauf and Muqtedar Khan whitewash Sharia

“Just pretend it doesn’t exist until we are strong enough to overcome the kuffar….”

“Veiling Shari`a in a Judeo-Christian Cloak: Imam Ra’uf’s and Muqtedar Khan’s Latest Ruse,” by Timothy R. Furnish at History News Network, October 25/Read it all.

Reuel Gerecht: Sharia really isn’t all that bad

This is a couple of weeks old, but Jihad Watch reader Benedict just brought it to my attention today, and I thought in light of the ongoing recent attempts to whitewash Sharia, it was worth setting the record straight. Gerecht never answered my response to his straw-man attack on Pamela Geller, so I doubt he will respond to this — which is unfortunate only because his befuddled New Republic readers will continue blithely on with the misconceptions he has given them.

Gerecht here criticizes those who allegedly “blur the line between militant Muslims and the everyday faithful,” and asserts that Sharia should not be subjected to a “blanket demonization,” because, he says, just look at fine men like the Ayatollahs Sistani and Montazeri, both Sharia scholars and adherents, and neither terrorists.

All right. Let’s look at them. The Ayatollah Sistani’s website contains this helpful classification, placing unbelievers (kafir) on par with blood, urine, feces, etc.:

The following ten things are essentially najis [unclean]:1. Urine
2. Faeces
3. Semen
4. Dead body
5. Blood
6. Dog
7. Pig
8. Kafir [unbeliever — i.e., non-Muslims]
9. Alcoholic liquors
10. The sweat of an animal who persistently eats najasat [unclean things].

Is this Sharia? Yes, for Shi’ites in particular, who base the idea that unbelievers are unclean on Qur’an 9:28. Is this idea “militant” or “terrorist”? No, but it is supremacist, and unbelievers who believe in equality of rights for all are not wrong to be suspicious of the spread of such ideas Westward. And Montazeri held the same views, such that an Iranian Christian complained that his views of non-Muslims were “rubbing salt into our wounds.”

I’m going to stand against such things, and for human rights.

“The Bill O’Reilly Fallacy,” by Reuel Marc Gerecht in The New Republic, October 16 (thanks to JW)

More here:

Analyst Reuel Gerecht’s confused, uninformed pieties, vs Professor J.J. G. Jansen’s scholarly lucidity

Andy Bostom

Analyst Reuel Mark Gerecht, in a recent New Republic essay, condemned those who “demonized” Sharia—Islamic Law—despite conceding that the application of what he refers to deferentially as Islam’s “Holy Law,”

…can be ugly, not least for women. Westerners, especially Europeans, are quite right to be outraged by the importation of Sharia practices to their shores. And Westerners should cast a very dim eye on any financial institution that sets up Sharia-compliant offices that could, if left unchecked, discreetly normalize anti-Semitic practices in big global institutions……[E]ven some Muslim theologians have seen the strain of despotism in Islamic history as being related to the static and authoritarian nature of Islamic legal practice…

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White House warns that more jihad mail bombs could be coming as White House Muslim envoy fears "backlash"

Its our fault! We are forcing Muslims to terrorize us because we don’t submit to Islam:

White House warns that more jihad mail bombs could be coming as White House Muslim envoy decries “scapegoating” of Islam

Sometimes it’s just a case of poor timing.

“White House: could be more mail bombs,” from AP, October 31:

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Hussein Obama’s counterterrorism adviser (Rashad Hussein*) said Sunday that authorities “have to presume” there might be more potential mail bombs like the ones pulled from planes in England and the United Arab Emirates….

“Obama adviser decries anti-Islam sentiments,” by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press, October 31:

Muslim Brotherhood in the White House: Hafiz Rashad Hussein

Speaking to about 400 people in Livonia, President Barack Obama’s envoy to the Muslim world said there is a “disturbing rise in anti-Islamic sentiment” that may be caused in part by the poor economy.”The things you can say about Islam you can’t say about any other faith,” Rashad Hussain, Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, said Saturday night at the annual fund-raising dinner of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a Muslim-founded think tank based in Clinton Township. “During tough economic times, groups that are seen to be the other … the scapegoating can increase.”…

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Cory Bernardi: "Sharia or Islamic law is incompatible with Australia's Western values"

No Sharia Banking in Australia!

Michael Owen/The Australian (h/t Mullah)

LIBERAL senator Cory Bernardi is looking for partyroom support to maintain barriers on sharia-compliant financial products.

The aim is to stop any moves to expand Islamic banking in Australia.

Senator Bernardi last night sent a background brief to his Liberal Party colleagues and said he had “already received a great deal of positive feedback”.

“Sharia or Islamic law is incompatible with Australia’s Western values,” the South Australian right-wing senator said.

“I want to ensure the Liberal Party is opposed to the government’s proposal to introduce any form of sharia-law banking into Australia.”

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Pic of the Day

All hail the Obamessiah


From Peggy the Moocher to Nameless the Beggar;  Michelle Malkin

The photo of the man begging in front of Obama’s fleet is now the most e-mailed photo of Yahoo! News.

How far we’ve come from the halcyon days of Peggy the Moocher.

The Obamessiah will (never)  pay his mortgage or put gas in his car……….

A man gets on his knees next to the car carrying U.S. President Barack Obama as he pulls away from Valois restaurant in Chicago, October 31, 2010. (Reuters Pictures)

Does  amateur psychologist Arianna Huffington write Obama’s lines? Dare to compare:

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A Double Standard For Islam

Hate speech laws are applied in West against those critical of Islam, but never against Muslim imams who mock Jewish, Christian infidels.


Tundra Tabloids has an important video where Mark Steyn answers a few questions about the “hate speech” case against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria.

Mark Steyn Joins Elisabeth’s Voice (GoV)

Readers who wish to donate to Elisabeth’s defense fund should visit the Save Free Speech site. The defense fund is not under her control, and disbursements from it will be made solely to pay her legal fees.

Raymond Ibrahim

In the days before Pope Benedict XVI’s visit on Nov. 30 to the Hagia Sophia complex in Istanbul, Muslims and Turks expressed fear, apprehension and rage. “The risk,” according to Turkey’s independent newspaper Vatan, “is that Benedict will send Turkey’s Muslims and much of the Islamic world into paroxysms of fury if there is any perception that the pope is trying to re-appropriate a Christian center that fell to Muslims.” Apparently making the sign of the cross or any other gesture of Christian worship in Hagia Sophia constitutes such a sacrilege.

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Mauritanian women say no to polygamy

Many Mauritanian women and their families are now stipulating the one-wife as a prerequisite before marriage, but religious scholars have condemned it as a violation to Islamic teaching.

Islamic clerics object to one wife rule

Husband pledges in contract not to remarry/Al Arabiya (RoP)

“In order to be granted that right we neither ask for big dowries nor a divorce settlement,” she told “We also don’t care about the apartment, furniture or the honeymoon.”

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EU Report

Mainz, Germany – Molotov Cocktail Against Synagogue

A petrol bomb which was thrown towards a brand-new synagogue in Germany hit a tree and did no damage, police said Sunday. (Source)

Angela Merkel would like to be seen doing something against forced marriages which appear to be part  of the cultural enrichment   Deutschlands worshippers of the profit Muhammad are introducing . However, the Islamic  council  is, (you guessed it) strictly opposed to new laws which would single out Muslims, victimize Muslims, tarnish all Muslims with the same brush etc etc…… (Jihad Watch Deutschland)

Finland: Christian Democrats want Christian refugees to be given preference over Muslims (IiE)

That would make sense, but that’s exactly why we can’t have that. The Gutmenschen will not have any of it…. Continue reading

Gothenburg: Terrorist arrests related to Mohammed cartoons?

Highly educated (Islamic terrorists?)

Police in Gothenburg arrested four men Saturday, who supposedly planned to detonate a bomb in the city that day. The men are all Syrian family-members(SE): Two brothers (28 and 33 years old), their cousin (39) and their uncle (48). All four are married with children, and had come to Sweden about 20 years ago. The two brothers are highly educated, the other two run their own service company. On Fridays they all go together to the Gårdsten mosque. Continue reading

A Day of Shame for Holland

The following report about today’s events in Amsterdam was written by Paul Weston in collaboration with other members of the Counterjihad Collective. (Gates of Vienna)

The Bunglawussi mob is jubilant: EDL’s pro-Wilders demo in Amsterdam flops

Sky News reporter Enda Brady, who was at the scene, said the EDL minibus was stoned, but no one was hurt. Sky News, 30 October 2010

Earlier today the EDL visited Amsterdam to make the case that freedom of speech and the ongoing loss of our democracy in Europe is not just a right-wing conspiracy, but a concrete reality.

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