Breeding Killer Zombies for Jihad

We are dealing with people who are  willing to kill and die for what they call religion.  They are willing to sacrifice their children in the process. Its happening now. Soon coming to a neighborhood near you:

Children in the Jihadi Cause – An Ansar Al-Mujahideen Video Compilation

The following are excerpts from a compilation of videos of Jihadi children, produced by Ansar Al-Mujahideen. The compilation, titled “The Next Generation of Mujahideen,” identifies the jihad groups to which the children belong, and shows them training, giving speeches, chanting, and praying.The compilation was posted on the Internet in December 2009


Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (Algeria)

Boy sitting in forest chants from a book. On screen: “The Mujahid Mu’adh Son of the Martyr Abu Mu’adh

“A child born and raised in the mountains and never experienced city life”

Cut to: Footage of infant playing with a rifle; Arabic singing in background.

Cut to: Scene of boys running with rifles in wooded area.

Same boys sitting;

Boy: “From the mujahid, son of a mujahid, to all Muslims: I urge you to aid the mujahideen, and to defend the best among the Muslims. We will regain our Caliphate, and vanquish the Crusaders, and their helpers from among the traitorous apostates.” […]

Islamic Jihad Union (Uzbek)

Scene of boys undergoing military training in sandy terrain. Arabic singing in background. Cut to clip of boys talking. On screen: “Islamic Jihad Union”

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Smoke & Mirrors…

Wakademic Swine against Israel:

Obama’s Marxist Comrade Bill Ayers And 430 of His Fellow “Academics” Call For Boycott And Sanctions Against Israel….ZIP

They’re ba-ack: the Nazi rallies of Cast Lead.

Now go read the post.

BO, the Mohammedan POSPOTUS:

Even In Letter To CIA (Offering Support After 7 Killed By Bomber In Afghanistan), Obama Still Can’t Bring Himself To Say ‘Islamic Extremists‘ Terrorists’ Instead He Says “CIA Fallen Were ‘Protecting Our Country From Terrorism’ZIP


Dare to Compare:

It is coming. A showdown in America, not some wild west show, but a real showdown, just like Europe is facing, with Islam. Islam is not a religion but our government is treating it as such. Islam is a theocracy that governs citizens way of life, in the same way the Constitution is the light that governs America (when Congress is not in session). The forces of Islam in America are pushing the boundaries, in the hopes of establishing a Sharia based caliphate in America, and undoing western civilization. For those of you who still do not understand or believe that Islam is a threat, I am going to compare Sharia Law to the Constitution. You shall see that the “religion of peace” is really the religion of pieces, where the children blow up so quickly. Islamization Watch

“Radicalism, Extremism, Fundamentalism….”

The Islamic Mantra: Blame Anything, Just don’t Mention Islam:


On December 29, 2009, Abdul Al-Rahman Al-Rashed, Al-Arabiya TV director-general and former editor-in-chief of the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, published an op-ed titled “In Search of the Instructor in Yemen.”

The following is the article, in the original English.

Who Turned Abdulmutallab into a Terrorist?


Cartoon of the week, from Debbie Schlussel

Bomb Not the Only Thing Burning in Abdulmutallab’s Pants… ZIP


He was lonely. He couldn’t get laid…. S&L

“Less than a day after the failed attempt to bomb a plane that was flying over the U.S. city of Detroit, a different kind of hunt began – the hunt for the person who instructed Omar Abdulmutallab [to carry out the operation], the person who turned Abdulmutallab into a terrorist. Omar Abdulmutallab is a Nigerian man who left Nigeria young and innocent and left London a prepared terrorist.

“Attention turned towards the Yemeni Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki, once again, who believes that he is the Sheikh of the new terrorists. It was this same Sheikh who instructed Major Nidal Hasan, an American of Arab origin, to commit the Fort Hood killings.”

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Don't Buy Islamic Government Bonds!


You can’t make chicken salad with chicken shit. You cannot turn Arab quicksand into gold.  Where is the substance? Where is the knowhow, where is the innovation, the science, the creative minds, the technology, the brilliant minds to drive this Fata Morgana in Arabia?

Unlike Israel, which has a pool of educated, innovative and productive people, the Arabs rely entirely on Western knowhow and third world slave labour.  The Arabs themselves do next to nothing.

Where are the people, the tourists, the masses of rich retirees, the businessmen,  the buyers, where is the society of the future in this mad construction frenzy?

You will lose your money. We, our banks, those who jumped on this Arab carrousel, will be fleeced. And once again the nutroots, the Obama-bastards and their commie-vassals will blame the failure of the Capitalist system in order to destroy us  in order to bring about their One World Utopia, with ‘Global Worming’ thrown in for free.

Moody’s Downgrades Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank to A1/D+

thanks to Dhumme Dhimmi. Here’s the countdown meltdown:

No matter which way you cut it, or where the information comes from, it is getting worse:

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Flight 253 passenger Kurt Haskell: "Today is the day that I realized that my own country is lying to me and all of my fellow Americans…"

Flight 253 passenger Kurt Haskell: ‘I was visited by the FBI’

By Aaron Foley |

Today is the second worst day of my life after 12-25-09. Today is the day that I realized that my own country is lying to me and all of my fellow Americans. Let me explain.

More of the same?

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10 Commandments in the Koran? Where?

The Gates of Vienna has an interesting interview with Heinz Christian Strache, the leader of the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria), and Carla Amina Baghajati of the Islamic Religious Society. The two discuss Islam, sharia, minarets, and new mosques in Austria.

Needless to mention, Amina Baghajati counts on the ignorance of infidels. She knows that the kuffars are too intellectually lazy to read the Koran. She lies her ass off in this interview. Amina does her da’awa and masterfully dodges the questions. No, Baghajati won’t tell you what Islam has in store for us.

Like the PVV in the Netherlands and Vlaams Belang in Belgium, the FPÖ says what others think but dare not speak, and is demonized for it.


Here’s the link to the Gates of Vienna. We also featured the whole article below the fold:

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