Afghan asylum seekers taking part in protests and hunger strikes at the Curtin detention centre in Western Australia are demanding they be granted "freedom or death".

Asylum seekers are free to walk out of detention at any time if they agree to leave Australia. So this is more a “residency or death” issue.  (The West/tip Tim Blair)

Global Krudd

Learning from the best:

Foreign Minister KRudd and Defence Minister Stephen Smith will meet their UK counterparts to discuss  global terrorism in Somalia and Yemen…..the main focus of today’s talks between Australian and British foreign defence ministers…..  (The Australian)

Omar kills his wife, gets off because ‘he is very, very  unlikely to ever offend again’


Omar Bayram, 62, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court yesterday to murdering his wife, Sirin, 50, on February 1 last year.

Philip Dunn, QC, for Bayram,  said his client, who had no prior convictions, then called police and confessed to the murder.

“There was no planning or premeditation,” he said.   “He is otherwise a hard-working member of our community.”

Justice Betty King said she believed Bayram was “very, very unlikely to ever offend again”. She remanded him for sentencing at a later date.

See, all we need is tolerance and understanding.  What could go wrong?

The third daughter: Man tries to kill wife after ultrasound result

The pregnant woman, who was beaten and maybe poisoned by her husband, gave birth in a car enroute to the hospital. Kacha Kho resident, Aliya, was beaten by her husband after the couple returned from the doctor’s offices on Tuesday afternoon. Aliya’s husband, Muhammad Ali, was enraged after he discovered that he was about to have a third daughter. (Source)

11 thoughts on “Afghan asylum seekers taking part in protests and hunger strikes at the Curtin detention centre in Western Australia are demanding they be granted "freedom or death".”

  1. “He is otherwise a hard-working member of our community.”
    She went to work.
    He had been made redundant.

    Was he on the dole? Was he worried that – if she left him – he would no longer have her wages for the rent? Was it a crime for money?

  2. Medically speaking, science believes it is the fathers part in the process of conception which determines the sex of an offspring.

    I agree with the boat people “give them death” instead of the slow death of Australia.

    Talk of a new tax on floods Ms. Godless. Why oh why dont you stop migration to our shores until we have paid for “the floods”. We are still reeling from electricity prices, no bed for the night for many Aussies. No housing “Unless you are a Muslim”. If you dont listen to us, I cant imagine what will happen. People are already angry with you.

    If she stops migration, we could fix every aspect of flood dammage. As the contracters from all trades decend on Queensland and Victoria the demand for these people will automatically put money into the treasury in the form of tax. wages and gst. Also, materials like timber, pc items, roofing, paint, electrical goods and services. the list of goodies in the Treasury pocket will be enormous. This happened after the earthquake in Newcastle. Higher premiums will come into force from the Insurance vultures so that will take up the slack. Most of this will happen naturally, no need for another tax.

  3. The amount of money the Gillard government borrows to maintain and feed this scum isn’t funny. Shoot them all as I’d rather we had dead terrorists wanting freedom in our country than live ones.
    Someone should advise Gillard to use the money being spent on this shit on our flood affected Aussies instead.

  4. His name is “Omer” they met when she was in her 20’s not when she was nine. The truth is that he is Gay. He had an affair with another man for over 20 years. When she found out she wanted a divorce. He didn’t want one cause he didn’t want to part with his money and didn’t want his sexuality outed. I believe that morning that he killed her she may have threatened to do so.

  5. Is the purpose of this website to cherry-pick events where people of foreign heritage have done wrong and then brand them is inhuman?

    What a rubbish, Bigoted website.

  6. Well Jackie,
    They are using violence to try and force the granting of citizenship rights to OUR country. I have a problem with that, even if you do not. It is clear you have understood little of what you have read here – comment here is against the violent islamists (like the scum protesting on the roof tops of villawood) and those who willingly (many muslims) or unthinkingly support them. Try and think before writing again. Incidentally, most of these “refugees” are not refugees at all and should not be allowed into our country. Before you go into a rant about this I suggest you get of your bum and check up who these people are and what they left – when you get to the bottom (eventually) you will be rather surprised as well as disappointed that our immigration requirements are flouted so easily.

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