Burned Qur'an in Florida used as pretext for 20 murders in Afghanistan

My crystal ball tells me  that the farcical UN will now cave in to  OIC demands  to implement the blasphemy laws they so crave.

When human lives are worth less than paper (Andrew Bolt)

Target rich environment

While bibles are destroyed, desecrated and banned from Muslim countries, and Christians, Jews, and Hindus are systematically persecuted, slaughtered and oppressed — this horror. Killing UN employees, an organization voluntarily and largely driven by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Instead of a thank you, one big FU.   Al Jizz implies that the preacher made ’em do it; that’s how in control the Muslim world is of the narrative.

As predicted here, what has been almost entirely lost in the discussion is the fact that Muslims have the free will to restrain themselves when offended, if they so choose.

Even the headline below takes the automatic, violent reaction of Muslims for granted — simple cause and effect — thereby tacitly excusing them from responsibility after being “provoked.”

For which other group would such behavior be accepted as normal, as a logical and inevitable response? Fill in the blanks. Mix and match as you like. “__________ go on rampage after two preachers of the __________ faith burn their holy book, the __________, 20 dead.”

Muslims ought to be insulted at the low expectations for them, and embarrassed by their co-religionists who are also burning utterly, completely, obviously unaffiliated churches in Pakistan over Jones’ and Sapp’s burning of the Qur’an. But of course, they’re getting the better part of that double standard.

We should see at least equal Muslim outrage to those opportunistic “revenge” attacks on non-Muslims, true hate crimes that they are. But don’t bet the farm on it. At least not in Afghanistan or Pakistan, where it may yet be burned down and seized by an enraged mob.

As usual the riots are instigated by the clerics at the so-called Friday prayers….. (pic via ZIP)

“Two beheaded, 20 dead in Afghan clash after U.S. preacher burns Koran,” by Mohammad Bashir for the Associated Press, April 1:

Afghan protesters angered by the burning of a Koran by an obscure U.S. pastor killed up to 20 UN staff, beheading two foreigners, when they overran a compound in a “normally peaceful” northern city on Friday in the worst-ever attack on the UN in Afghanistan.

According to the AP, one protester held a sign that said, “We want these bloody bastard Americans with all their forces to leave Afghanistan.”

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Hijabbed in Afghanistan

No, this is not an April joke:

Afghanistan: American servicewomen encouraged to wear hijab to get closer to the local population

This will do the trick, all right. The Afghans will forget that the Americans are dirty kuffar and lay down their arms.

This is not the first time we have to report on this shameful display of inept dhimmitude: in Defeat Complete we already  showed you how the US military is being Islamized. ‘Sensitivity training’ & ‘outreach’ beats sanity and reason. And Diana West showed us just a few days ago that Islamic indoctrination is all the rage in the U.S. military.

Military dhimmitude: “Don’t forget your hijab, soldier! American servicewomen encouraged to wear headscarves in Afghanistan,” by Caroline May for The Daily Caller, March 31 (thanks to JW):

In an effort to get closer to the local population, American female soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are being encouraged to wear a Muslim headscarf when interacting with civilians. But some question whether the practice constitutes cultural sensitivity or a form of appeasement that is degrading to U.S. soldiers.

Gee, that’s a tough one.

Major Kyndra Rotunda, executive director of the Military Law and Policy Institute and AMVETS Legal Clinic, told The Daily Caller that while the women are not being ordered to wear the head scarf, encouragement is tantamount to a demand.“They say they are encouraging women to wear the headscarf when they are out and about and on patrol. But the problem is — and I think anyone who has been in the military understands that being encouraged to do something is about the same thing as being ordered — it really puts them in an uncomfortable position when their commander says, ‘We really want you to do this, technically you don’t have to, but we really want you to do this,’” she said.

Lt. Col. Michael Lawhorn, a U.S. Central Command spokesman, stressed to TheDC that while commanders are encouraging American women to wear headscarves while engaging with civilians, they are not having them wear the headscarf in lieu of their kevlar helmets.

“Nobody is saying, ‘Okay as we head out onto this dangerous street, you wear a hijab instead of your kevlar helmet,’” Lawhorn said. “As women are on some of these engagement teams and they are going to go into places where are going to predominantly be dealing with other women, like giving them medical information or finding out their concerns are in the local community. Local commanders are encouraging them — not demanding, but encouraging — if they feel more comfortable — ‘Feel free to wear a headscarf.’”

Rotunda remained unconvinced, telling TheDC that helmets are always the preferred head wear among soldiers.

“Even if it is outreach, you never know what to expect. You really should be wearing your kevlar helmet, it is a safety issue,” she said….

Uh, yeah.

Soros-funded Center for American Progress does puff piece on sharia

Understanding Sharia Law

“Conservatives’ Skewed Interpretation Needs Debunking”

Nice try.

So spooky dude George Soros is now the waterboy for the most totalitarian, perverse cult the world has ever known? Perhaps Anjem Chaudary could straighten him out……

Looks like Pamela had a fair bit of success in Alaska:

That, of course, makes the soldiers of allah throw hissy fits:

And another victory:

More on spooky dude:

Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

Left-wing billionaire’s own experts dominate quiet push for ‘a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order.’

Australia updates

Terrorist sympathizer Dick Smith is just another green authoritarian with a dangerous contempt for humanity: Locust Smith is one malevolent creature

East Timor uninterested in Lard ass proposals

Greg Sheridan says the Government should stop embarrassing itself:

THE Bali meeting has ended in complete failure and humiliation for Julia Gillard’s proposed regional processing centre in East Timor.

Asking Greens to stop beeing Greens

Trying to convince the Greens that they should not support the BDS movement because Israel is the only democracy and an island of human decency in the ocean of Islamic totalitarian madness is futile because their main goal is to destroy western style democracy and human decency. (source)

What Labor has invited with its “compassion”

And surely even those who once cheered Labor’s more “compassionate” policies must admit they’ve brought unfortunate – and uncompassionate – outcomes, including record numbers of people in detention: 

Another boat, carrying 37 asylum seekers, was intercepted yesterday and will be taken to Christmas Island, the first since riots broke out this month.

Yet another Pali sob story for bleeding hearts

This is the one with poison in it!

Wife of mentally sick, sexual mad, paranoid Pal-Arab in Adelaide  claims “police do not let him win the court. Hesham is not only one who was taken from his homeland to be destroyed and killed.” (source)

Who would have thought? Pal-Arab cultural enricher “taken from his homeland to be destroyed and killed?”  Baad baad Australia!

So how come he’s still alive dodging the law and bleeding the taxpayer?

Geert Wilders steps up anti-Islam rhetoric

By Bruno Waterfield/Telegraph

Geert Wilders has stepped up his anti-Islam rhetoric by describing the (Muslim-) Prophet Mohammed as an “insane, paedophile, rapist murderer” just two weeks before the opening of his trial on charges of inciting race hatred.

(Once again: Islam is  not a race. Islam is an ideology.)

The leader of hard-Right the Dutch Freedom Party will be prosecuted in an Amsterdam court on April 13 for previous comparisons of Islam to Nazism.

On Thursday he fuelled the controversy surrounding his anti-Muslim politics and trial by publishing an article citing academics who accuse Islam’s founder of crimes ranging from child rape to murder.

“The historical Mohammad was the savage leader of a gang of robbers from Medina. Without scruples they looted, raped and murdered,” Mr Wilders claimed in the Dutch magazine HP/De Tijd.

That’s a fact according to the unholy Koran, sira & hadith. Smoke that in your pipe, Bruno!

In the article, Mr Wilders, whose Freedom Party MPs control the balance of power in the Dutch parliament, attacked fines levied on an Austrian feminist “for insulting a religion by calling Mohammad a paedophile”.

Susanne Winter is an elected politician, not a ‘feminist’.

“However, that is the truth,” he wrote, citing the Muslim prophet’s consummation of a marriage to a wife who claimed she was a child aged nine at the time.

Yes Bruno. That’s the truth. Why don’t you start educating yourself?

Mr Wilders, who lives under police protection following attempts by Islamist terrorists on his life, hypothesised that Mohammad suffered from a brain tumour causing the “paranoid schizophrenia” that led him to found the Muslim faith.

“Mohammad had an unhinged paranoid personality with an inferiority complex and megalomaniac tendencies. In his forties he starts having visions that lead him to believe he has a cosmic mission, and there is no stopping him,” he wrote.

In a ruling on Wednesday, an Amsterdam court ruled that Dutch prosecutors were entitled to indict Mr Wilders, if found guilty, he could face up to a year in jail or a £6,700 fine.

Glenn Beck: the Twelfth Imam

All this week, Glenn has been asking the questions – Who is looking out for Israel? And, who is standing up for freedom here and all over the world? Well, one thing is for certain- we know the answer to these questions is certainly not Iran. They want to take both the United States and Israel down and clear the path for the Twelfth Imam. Tonight, Glenn welcomes a special guest to the program…a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard shares some frightening video that proves the regime is indeed preparing for the return of the Twelfth Imam. Plus, CBN Host Erick Stackelbeck.

UK: Mission Accomplished!

Can’t say the trip failed:

A  local council (which is so short of cash it is closing nurseries and day centres) pays known Islamic thugs to go on a holiday in order to stop them violently disrupting a peacful demonstration. Then when the thugs violently assault a white man in an unprovoked racial attack on that holiday, they try to fabricate evidence that they were acting in self-defense.

Race Equality Sandwell boss Derrick Campbell said: “I would not say the trip had failed. Its purpose was to keep them away from the march.” (source)

They’re just angry they haven’t been invited:

Mohammedans threaten to crash Prince William’s wedding.

Israel unburnished

Whacked into submission:

A Birmingham city councillor has been forced to issue a public apology after accusing raving Islamo ratbag Salma Yaqoob of being a Muslim extremist. (source)

Real Hate-crime vs Fake Hate-crime

he English Defence League is the biggest threat to the Jihad in Britain — and possibly in all of Europe. By exposing the truth about Islam, the EDL is awakening the average native English citizen to what Islamization really means.

Smashing the EDL by smashing their cars:

They accuse us of dividing communities. How? By telling the truth? We encourage an open debate, we educate our members. They keep talking about giving ‘no platform’ and ‘smashing’ the EDL. Read more  from GOV»

German police arrests two people for displaying Israeli flag

German police take two people displaying Israeli flag into custody

This is the second time this happened:

Police took two men into custody because they refused to cease their peaceful expression of solidarity with Israel by displaying an Israeli flag. (Original in German)

This is what happened the first time:

“The police acquiesced in the demand of the mob.” German police aids Jew-hating Muslim mob, removes Israeli flag from window:  as you can see from the video, the mob applauded, cheered, and shouted “Allahu akbar” when the flag disappeared.