Bulgaria: Muslims Demand a Second Mosque

And to get it the Muslims promise to turn the volume down on the first mosque, the one that annoys everyone:

Sofia Echo

The leadership of Sofia’s mosque have said that the temple mosque is now too small to hold the capital’s Muslim community during Friday prayers and that the authorities should authorise construction of a second mosque.

In order to avoid future tension with other residents, and to prevent rallies such as that staged by Ataka members on May 20, they have also vowed to “reconsider” their policy of allowing worshippers to pray outside, hoping to reduce obstruction to pedestrians during prayer time.

They have also promised to reduce the sound on loudspeakers to the “bare minimum” so that the noise does not disturb the surrounding area.

A Bulgarian police officer tries to react as supporters of “extreme nationalist” Ataka party attack Muslims during Friday prayer at the central mosque in Sofia, May 20.

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Islamic inventions promo from Shrillary

Why not?

If Prince Charles can do it, its even easier for the Klintoons, who have collected at least $ 200 million dollars from the Arabs since slick Willie left office. There might be more where all that goodness came from:
Willary Clinton Releases Video Celebrating a Millennium of Muslim Inventions… What Inventions?

How did we manage all these years without those wonderful contributions by Muslim inventors? (GWP)

There is no sewer  into which the Klintoons will  not dive to prostrate themselves before their Musulmanic masters:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bent over backwards to appease Muslims in her video remarks for the “1001 Muslim Inventions” program. The State Department program is dedicated to the wonderful inventions by Muslims that make our everyday lives so much easier.
From the State Department:

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Bangladesh: Media block on 1971 genocide trial

Nobody knows who dunnit, because ‘no Muslim can commit genocide’. But at least the ‘authorities’ pretend they’re doing something about it.

In any case,  Allah has already absolved them of any guilt:

008.017 (Al Anfal)
YUSUFALI: It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah: when thou threwest (a handful of dust), it was not thy act, but Allah’s: in order that He might test the Believers by a gracious trial from Himself: for Allah is He Who heareth and knoweth (all things).

The leader of Jamaat-e-Islami is accused of more than 50 killings during the war.
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Revenge is Sweet


Bangladesh: Woman takes rapists penis to the cops  (source)

A 40-year-old Bangladeshi woman cut off a man’s penis during an alleged attempted rape and took it to a police station as evidence, police in a remote part of Bangladesh said on Monday. The woman, a married mother of three, was attacked while she was sleeping in her shanty in Jhalakathi district, some 200 kilometres (120 miles) south of Dhaka, on Saturday night, officers said.

“As he tried to rape her, the lady cut his penis off with a knife. She then wrapped up the penis in a piece of polythene and brought it to the Jhalakathi police station as evidence of the crime,” police chief Abul Khaer said.

The woman has filed a case accusing the man — who is also 40 and a married father of five — of attempted rape, saying that he had been harassing her for six months.

The severed penis has been kept at the police station and the rape suspect was undergoing treatment in hospital.

“We shall arrest him once his condition gets better,” Khaer added.

Germany: Woman sets fire to (Musel-)man in mosque

A Turkish woman set fire to a man in a mosque in southern Germany on Saturday. She says she acted out of revenge after the man raped her.

The 36-year-old poured petrol over the 38-year-old man in a mosque in the city of Reutlingen, in Baden-Württemberg, before setting him alight. The woman was taken into custody on Sunday, on charges of attempted murder, according to the state prosecutors office and the police. (Tundra Tabloids)

Serbia Erupts

For the Associated (with terrorists) Press he is a “war criminal”.  For those who despise the swine who inflicted an Islamic Bosnia-Kosovo-Herzegovina on Europe he is a hero.

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Protesters throwing stones and bottles clashed with baton-wielding riot police Sunday in Belgrade after several thousand Serbian nationalist supporters of jailed war-crimes suspect Ratko Mladic rallied outside the parliament building to demand his release.

“Cooperation with The Hague tribunal represents treason.”

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Germany: University cancels conference on Ottoman persecution of Christians

When Islam arrives freedom of speech goes out the door.

Once freedom of speech is lost nothing can be gained without  violence.

Stuttgart: University cancels conference on Ottoman persecution of Christians

Via NRP, Katholisches Info via Islam in Europe

Greek and Assyrian organizations intended to hold a memorial and conference yesterday at Stuttgart University on the persecution and expulsion of Christians in the Ottoman Empire 1912-1922. The university approved their request for conference rooms more than a month ago, but at the last moment decided to reject the request, due to ‘Turkish protests from Berlin’, and because the university wanted to remain “neutral.”

Udo Ulfkotte (thanks to Vlad Tepes)


NYC Queers for Jihad

Ignorance may be bliss, but stupidity kills. But as they say; the cheque is in the mail:

Excerpts from Phyllis Chesler‘s latest on Frontpage mag:

Last Friday, May 26, 2011, “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” exercised their hard-won right to hold their meetings at New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Center. Their right to hate and to be grossly misinformed was, as usual, presented as a free speech right and as yet another victim-driven Intifada (uprising).

As if the Muslim Brotherhood and the Gama’a al-Islamiyya in Egypt were not enough, a new swastika-flying Nazi party has emerged in Egypt—Egypt, Israel’s friendly neighbor; Egypt, which on Saturday opened the Rafah crossing to admit even more weapons and terrorist fighters into Gaza in the unending Arab war against the Jews; Egypt, where many are demanding an end to the cold peace treaty with Israel.

Some say that President Obama might be touring Europe in order to gain European allies to help him pressure Israel into accepting the “pre-1967”Auschwitz borders. (more here)

Iran: Tomorrow Belongs to Us!

Iranian intelligence minister: “The recent events…show that the future of the world, including the US and Europe, belongs to Islam”

Triumphalist chest-thumping from a man who certainly sees which side has been racking up most of the victories lately. But the game isn’t over. “World’s future belongs to Islam,” from the Ahlul Bayt News Agency, May 27, via JW.


"Europe urgently needs these migrants to take care of aged Europeans, who have neglected to produce enough children to do the job…"

From the Gates of Vienna:

The Temperature Rises

The following line lie, often repeated by clueless and defensive apparatchiks of the EUSSR, here by  the EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, makes my blood boil:

“Europe will urgently need these migrants to take care of aged Europeans, who have neglected to produce enough children to do the job.”

There is nothing in the Koran that obliges the soldiers of allah to take care of aging unbelievers.

The Koran says ‘kill the unbelievers wherever you find them’ and wipe the infidels out to the last’.

Rivers of blood, anyone?

Milan's Bishop Opts for Submission, Supports Mosque Building

“Brotherly Solidarity” on the way to dhimmitude and extermination. Suicidal naiveté or complicity? Following the destructive path of  Rowan Williams, Archdhimmi of Canterbury. Why doesn’t he hand over the cathedral already?

Musulmanic Butts Occupy the Piazza in Front of Milan’s Grand Cathedral. Oriana Fallaci would turn in her grave if she knew….

Via AKI & Islam in Europe:

Italy’s largest Muslim group has sent a message to Italy’s highest ranking bishop to thank him for his organisation’s support for a project to construct a mosque in Milan, the country’s conservative business hub.

In the message to Angelo Bagnasco, who leads Italy’s Bishops’ Conference (CEI), the UCOII said: “We are relieved and immensely grateful for the position voiced by senior officials from the Italian Bishops’ Conference in support of official places of worship for Muslims, an issue which nowadays has wrongly become a political hot potato.”

“The brotherly solidarity of the great majority of Christians, which we have experienced at thousands of inter-faith gatherings and debates, has been strongly confirmed,” the statement added.   (source)

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