Exploding Turbans Are Un-Islamic

Afghan Mayor Assassinated by Suicide Bomber With Exploding Turban

 “Militants” fighting Afghan government in a new tactic, hardly imagined by security forces, targeted and killed the mayor of Kandahar city,

I’m sure they will blame Kurt Westergaart for inspiring this one……. 

“He tried to say something to the mayor and then suddenly the explosion happened.”   Read More »

Over 100 people were murdered in the cartoon rioting. They were outraged. Looks like the cartoonist was ahead of his time.

Nuclear Beggar Nation Pakistan Demands More AID (Jiziya)

Hurry up, kafir!

Famine in Somalia (must be our fault somehow…)

Update: it is!

Who does the bBC blame for the famine in Africa? America. 

(London) The bBCs African correspondent (Andrew Harding) has written an article for the bBC on who and what he feels are the top ten culprits behind the reason people are starving in the horn of Africa. Complaints please to the bBC and not to this blog: (eye on the world)

UN urges “massive action” on famine Somali jihadists say doesn’t exist

Al-Shabaab is preventing aid from reaching up to 2.2 million Somalis.

Abbas begs Arab League for financial aid

 (JPost) Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday called for a meeting of the Arab League to discuss the severe financial crisis in the PA.

 Terrorist Philosophy

Al BeBeeCeera uses Islamic terrorist to condemn the “far right”

From eye on the world
 (London) Earlier on I wrote about how the liberal world is jumping at the chance in which to promote its failed multicultural experiment, and gave a few examples. Well, here is another one exposed by the readers at Biased bBC.

In this bBC radio 5 program which was discussing the so called growth of the far right in Europe, they brought out Norwegian philosopher Lars Gule in which to give us the benefit of his views.The thing is, that Norwegian philosopher Lars Gule was arrested in 1977 in Beirut, Lebanon for carrying explosives, intended for an armed attack in Israel. The explosives were meant for use in an action on behalf of Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in an operation timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. He was convicted to half a year in prison in Lebanon for illegal possession of a weapon (i.e. explosives). He also has the distinction of being Norway’s first modern terrorist. Yet the bBC feels that this man is qualified in which to talk about xenophobia and race hate.

6 thoughts on “Exploding Turbans Are Un-Islamic”

  1. * English un-islamic?

    Much like the case of the Persians who demanded that their driving licence tests be done in Farsi a few years back …


    [OKLAHOMA CITY — The federal government is investigating whether the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety violated the civil rights of Iranian immigrants by refusing to provide them with driver’s license tests in their native Farsi language.]

    * The world has gone bonkers.

  2. Until we know otherwise, it’s probably safest to assume that this fellow is a Norwegian Christian:

    Suicide bomber with explosives in turban kills populist Kandahar mayor
    We await confirmation from Norgen Moogen Blasten or any of the many other fundamentalist Norwegian terror cells currently active worldwide.

    I think it’s incumbent on us to look deep inside and ask, why do fundamentalist Norwegian terror cells like Norgen Moogen Blasten hate us so?

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