Gotta be fair, right?

Treating murderous enemies better than friends. Sanity has long gone out the window in the U.S. Army.

Just recall how the military brass neglected to do anything about the outspoken terror-supporting jihadist Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood mass murderer, because, as Army Chief of Staff George Casey infamously put it, diversity is more important than the lives of our soldiers. Specifically, Casey said that if Hasan had been expelled from the military, thus reducing the military’s diversity, that would have been a “greater tragedy” than the mass murder itself. And not only was Casey not fired for his monstrous statement; the statement was not challenged by anyone in the American political establishment, showing that his view was considered normal and acceptable.

Accused Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan continues to draw a military paycheck from the government, the base commander said Wednesday.

Did You Know? Accused Ft. Hood Mass-Murderer Is Still Getting Paycheck From the Government

“We have to be fair to him regardless of what we saw or we think we saw or whatever the case may be.”  Read More »

 “AWOL Fort Campbell soldier” admits plans for massacre at Fort Hood

To review: he obtained conscientious objector status against being deployed to Iraq after saying “his Muslim beliefs prevented him from fighting.” But he was willing and able to travel to Texas to attempt to pick up where Nidal Malik Hasan left off and slaughter more soldiers at Fort Hood.

An update on this story. “Army: AWOL Fort Campbell soldier admits plotting Fort Hood attack,” from the Associated Press, July 28:

And how better to do that than by murdering a few Infidels?

An update on the conscientious objector who got out of the Army so he could avoid killing his fellow Muslims, but evidently wanted to kill large numbers of non-Muslims at Fort Hood.

War Is Deceit Update: “Devout Muslim Soldier Hopes to Avoid Deployment to Afghanistan,” by Sarah Netter for ABC News, August 31, 2010 (thanks to JW):

[…] Now, he said, he wants out of the Army so he can spend his life combating what he called Islamaphobia [sic] and advocating Islam as a peaceful religion.”I want to use my experience to show Muslims how we can lead our lives,” he said. “And to try and put a good positive spin out there that Islam is a good, peaceful religion. We’re not all terrorists, you know?”…

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  1. Breivik afraid of being served halal meet in prison

    Muslims keep demanding special treatment in prison. One of the three 2010 terror suspects, with Norwegian passports, was brought special food by his lawyer, prepared by the wife of the suspect, and then transported by the lawyer to him.

    One of Breivik’s several demands
    – No halal food, the food prepared according to muslim requirements

    He asked to get a PC to be able to edit his manifest. He got a ‘no’, but did get a pen and paper.

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