Qaradawi Does Ireland

Jew-hating jihadist Sheikh Qaradawi, “massively influential and probably the number one scholar in the Arab world,” to speak in Ireland (JW)

Qaradawi leading prayer Tahrir Square on February 18 before a million people. His priorities? Kill all Jews, apostates, homosexuals, conquer Jerusalem and conquer Rome. Read More »

“Top Muslim clerics” will be there as well. One would think that “top Muslim clerics” would shun this hateful inciter of mass murder if what the governments of the West, law enforcement and the mainstream media tell us about Islam were true. But once again, no.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been praised by Saudi-funded dhimmi pseudo-academic John Esposito as a champion of a “reformist interpretation of Islam and its relationship to democracy, pluralism and human rights.” But numerous statements of Qaradawi demonstrate that he anything but a “reformist” or a genuine champion of “democracy, pluralism and human rights” – and is, in fact, positively Hitlerian in his Jew-hatred and bloodlust.

(A “reformist” in Islam is a radical headbanger who seeks to emulate Muhammad and turn the clock back to the seventh century….)

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New Name, Same Game

New sheath, same scimitar. “New Name, Same Old Focus for Islamic Bloc,” by Patrick Goodenough for CNS News, June 30 (thanks to JW):

( – The bloc of mostly Muslim-majority states has a new name and logo but, despite the momentous upheavals across the Arab world, “Palestine” and religious “defamation” continue to top its agenda. Meeting in Kazakhstan this week, foreign ministers of the 42 year-old Organization of the Islamic Conference endorsed a decision to change its name to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

(Cooperate, kafir. Or else!)


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Chris Wallace accused Michele Bachmann of being a “flake” for making gaffes. Pay attention, Chris; here’s what a flake looks like: Obama Flake

Frank Zappa: Flakes

A farcical Capitol Hill ceremony to celebrate the backdoor imposition of amnesty for illegal aliens was an opportunity to demonstrate that rule by Democrats and rule of law are mutually exclusive concepts: Looks Like They’re Out of the Shadows (Moonbattery)

Are Jewish Democrats Turning Away From Obama?


“Some kind of tipping point has been reached.” (you’d think…)

Is Hamas Next?

U.S. Recognizes Muslim Brotherhood. Will Hamas Be Next?

In a reversal of a five-year-old U.S. policy banning contact with the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Egypt, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ordered American diplomats to resume contact with the Islamist group.  (more)

Media Matters:

Taxpayer-Subsidized Website Attacking Fox News (Why does Media Matters, which admits it’s in business to hurt FNC, receive tax-exempt status?)

Media Matters is, of course,  owned by Spooky Dude:

Is George Soros Forging a Closer Alliance With the Muslim Brotherhood?

“Not advancing a theocratic agenda at all.”    Read More »


Homo Terror

Muslim calls for taxing Americans

"Srebrenica was an Inside Job"

Jihadists yet again play clueless and ignorant Westerners for fools. “Srebrenica was an Inside Job” by Andy Wilcoxson in the Balkan Report, June 15 via JW:

How Alija Izetbegovic’s regime held the civilian population of Srebrenica hostage, goaded the Bosnain-Serbs into attacking the enclave, and then abandoned the civilian population to the mercy of the attacking enemy.

In the wake of the July 1995 fall of the Srebrenica enclave, thousands of Muslim soldiers and draft eligible men were killed or went missing. Some were captured and summarily executed by Bosnian-Serb forces, and others died in combat.

Western governments, news media, and the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague have assiduously misled the public about the nature of the massacre; at the same time they have remained conspicuously silent about the role U.N. officials and the Muslim regime in Sarajevo played in orchestrating the massacre.

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Cyprus: Turkish Schools Not Islamic Enough

Fetullah Gulen & Tayyip Erdogan team up to Islamize occupied Northern Cyprus

Secular Turkish Cypriot teachers aghast at plans for Islamic school (By Simon Bahceli-Cyprus Mail)

SECULARIST Turkish Cypriot teachers’ unions and educationalists expressed anger yesterday after a mainland Turkish religious association announced plans to open an Islamic school or madrassa in the north.

“They have judged our beliefs and come to the conclusion that we are not Muslim enough,” Turkish Cypriot teachers’ union (KTOS) boss Sener Elicil yesterday of the Theology and Islamic Institute Graduates’ Association’s (TIYEMDER) plans to open the religious high school on the island. He added that Turkish Cypriots were “quite happy with their beliefs”.

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