Spot on, Beck!

Glenn Beck Compares Attacked Norway Camp To ‘Hitler Youth’

Those who know what’s going on in Scandinavia knows what he’s talking about. The Marxist loons have been doing kiddie indoctrination for  the last hundred years. These people are so f*kced up they  can’t even drink themselves sober!

But don’t take my word for it: The Quislings of Norway

Here’s the quote in question which Beck made on his radio show this morning:

“As the thing started to unfold and there was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler Youth. Who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics? Disturbing.” (Source)

“Martin” lets it all hang out: calls for censorship against ‘Islamophobes’

“Muslims are being treated like they’re some kind of evil virus” – Bashir concludes this incident in Norway reminds us that we “should be careful about what we say at political rallies.”

Immediately jumping to the conclusion that “right-wing rhetoric” must be toned down and free speech in this country must be limited because of the actions of one psycho in a foreign land, now that’s truly crazy. (Not crazy: Islamic.)

Informed WoJ readers know that  Bashir is not ‘Martin’, he’s a Mohammed(-an) infil-traitor.  War is deceit, said Mohammed.  Bashir is yet another soldier of allah sailing under false flag. Please tell me: how did so many Mohammedan headbangers get themselves into US-TV networx?

O’Reilly gets it?

Tingles & Clitman

The New Duranty Times

The O’turds fellow travelers are making sure America goes down the gurgler. But then what?

A message from Brent Bozell:

The media’s unwillingness to release all the facts concerning the debt ceiling debate is nothing short of censorship. In their enthusiasm as cheerleaders for this President, the media are deliberately hiding and distorting the truth to further their own ideologically driven, leftist agenda.

These so-called ‘news’ outlets are ignoring the voice of the American people.

It is a tragedy that we even have to demand this: Tell the truth, the whole truth. Report the news.


9 thoughts on “Spot on, Beck!”

  1. Glenn Beck have not read the Quran!!!

    For saying this dangerous & supid statement:

    “Islam is NOT evil
    The guyes who follow Ahamdineshad are evil
    … there are a many good Muslims”

    The “wishy-washy” Muslims who do not follow Allah

    Surely is Islam evil!

  2. A little later in the programme he goes on to say about Geert Wilders, whom he’s apparently interviewed on his show twice: “Where is he from again? Er… Denmark. Or something.” (something like that.) What, could he really have missed Wilders’ nationality? No, impossible.
    I love Beck but that programme was so strange. Was he trying some kind of double irony? Then: “Islam is not evil”?

    Surely the AUF camp with its boycott Israel theme was extremely questionable, but maybe wait a little before comparing them to Hitler Jugend.

  3. “Hi. I am 13 years old and a norwegian muslim. I feel its my fault. He says he killed them because I am here. Should I move out to protect norwegian kids in the future? This is how I feel. Love Sophia.”
    (From a childrens Q/A on a norwegian newspaper website)

  4. She is Norwegian. And I would think returning people forcefully would be a project destined to failure. Impossible like starting to return Irishmen-Americans to Ireland now, or morally problematic as sending back Iranian refugees to a certain death.

    That said, I have yet to see any problems with Islam in norway, while problems with immigration in general may be problematic. And second generation Islamic girls are amongst the best educated in metrics, so I don’t see any failure with integration along this axis either.

    So, I can’t find any fact-based reasons to send back a norwegian muslim to a country she wasn’t born in.


    That’s wrong. The statistics there states there’s a heavy overweight on non-western assault rapists (including african, asian and american). It is also only numbers from Oslo. Plus if you count cases where the identity is unknown, there are several nordic assault rapists.

    Please use more serious sources in the future. I can help you if you have any questions. Some error posting when I made a table with statistics for you. 🙁

  6. So … Not all assault-rapists were Muslims. In the 6 assault rapes in 2010 with a known identity of the assailant:
    3 middle easterns, 1 african, and 1 asian.
    2 under the age of 18 and 2 mentally ill.

    If you count unknown:
    8 african, 5 nordic, 4 asian.

    Hardly 100% muslim that. Still, norwegians did most of the rapes in non-assault categories (party, relation, intimacy etc). So it’s irrelevant.

    Still no issue with Muslims. And I am ethnic Norwegian.

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