Anti-dhimmitude in Greece: Sharia Abolished for Greek Muslims

Shariah Abolished for Greek Muslims

According to an article of the Greek newspaper “Eleftherotypia”, under the scope of reforms in the Greek Family Law, the Shariah will be abolished for Greek Muslims.

This Muslim law establishes among others the right of polygamy and gives only to men the right to divorce their wives which constitutes a problem for the women in Thraki, Northern Greece. Even in Turkey, this law was abolished in 1926.

In addition, this law does not comply with the Greek constitution which establishes the equality of Greeks regarding the application of the laws and the equality of men and women. The National Committee on the Human Rights considers that the Shariah does not protect minorities but abuses the rights and values of all the Greek Muslims.

It is also announced that the family and hereditary relations of all Greek citizens will be regulated by Greek Laws. Thus, the Mufti will only be religious leader of Greek Muslims and will no longer have judicial authorities.  (wow! just wow! from the Greek Reporter)

4 thoughts on “Anti-dhimmitude in Greece: Sharia Abolished for Greek Muslims”

  1. Good for the Greeks, people are waking up to this regressive so called religion – if these people want to live under Shariah Law then back to the wonderful homelands you came from that rule under these so called laws. I read in the Daily in UK – the students are actually protesting to the government that the loans they are given should be interest free to comply with Shariah Law? Do these people get it? Maybe they are simply wearing their Burkas too tight and not getting anough air.

  2. Bravo, Greece!!!!!!!!! Good job, Greece. If those muslims do not like that the Greek government abolished islamic sharia, then they can leave and go to the islamic countries of their choice. If they think sharia is great, then they will find out the hard way how very evil sharia is.

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