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Australian Defence League and friends standing tall and strong against sharia.

30th July, 2011, Australian patriots gathered in Martin Place, Sydney, to stage a peaceful demonstration against the encroachments of sharia law in our country.

Martin Brennan, the Leader of the Australian Defence League, has been Illegally Held In an Australian (Maribyrnong) Immigration Detention Centre. It appears Martin may well be what some may call a political prisoner. Don’t Cop It or you may be next !!! Sign the Petition to Free Martin at and remember if you’re not listening to 2GB you shouldn’t have a pulse !


Tim Blair – Sunday, July 31, 11

Peter FitzSimons, of all people, rails against Alan Jones: 

No kidding, even after knowing Alan Jones for nigh on 30 years, the sheer audacity of his hypocrisy, the chilling chutzpah of it, still takes my breath away. I mean, how can he front up to work day after day and take the positions he does, when so many of us know – even if his audience doesn’t – his complete intellectual and moral bankruptcy? 

Fitzsy’s got his big red bandana all bunched up because Jones is saying wrong things about the Holy Warming. Remember, however, that it was FitzSimons who apologised to Osama bin Laden following 9/11. You really want to talk about “moral bankruptcy”, mate? Mass killings are on bandana-man’s mind again today:

Imagine for a moment how different the international media coverage might have been this week if, instead of being a white Christian fundamentalist, the murderous Norwegian madman who killed more than 70 mostly young Norwegians had been a Middle Eastern Muslim man.

One difference: if the killer was Middle Eastern and a Muslim, FitzSimons would have said sorry to him.

Ann Coulter brings the smackdown:

New York Times Reader Kills Dozens In Norway.


As it is, while the coverage has sensitively reported the terrible tragedy of what occurred, there has been no talk of ‘’terrorism’’ and no headlines about ‘’Christian fundamentalists declaring war’’, etc. So, what is the difference? 

He actually needs this explained to him. Consider just the scale, Peter. One attack versus hundreds. Dozens of deaths relative to thousands. A solitary killer compared to an organised and ideologically coordinated worldwide movement preaching death to the west.

Why, when it is a Christian fundamentalist nutter, do we in the media focus on the fact that he’s a nutter and when it is an Islamic fundamentalist nutter we focus on the fact that he is Islamic? 

In fact, a great deal of coverage has focused on Breivik’s religious and political views. FitzSimons cannot possibly have missed this. Then again, so much else fails to reach the FitzSimons brain. That bandana must have an awesome tinfoil liner.

Fact is, Breivik was white. He was a nominal Christian, like 80% of Norwegians are, and he was in no way fundamentalist.(sheik)

Carbon dioxide tax crazy:  Della Bosca

Of course the tax is mad, but so is the delusion that we’re threatened by dangerous man-made warming:

THE former NSW minister John Della Bosca has called the federal government’s carbon tax a mistake and the ‘’craziest thing’’ the Prime Minister could have done.

Must read: from Roscoe’s daughter:

More Trouble on the Way:

‘’I know where all the bodies are buried’’, ‘’I’m not going without a fight’’ and ‘’I’ll make more noise than Kevin Rudd‘’, he was quoted as telling the plotters.

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