At least 20 Indonesians, nearly all women, are on death row in the Persian Gulf kingdom.

Saudi beheading fuels backlash in Indonesia

 “Mecca is a holy place, but the people who live there are very uncivilized,” said the executed maid’s daughter, Een Nuraeni, who prays regularly and wears a veil pulled tightly over her hair. “There is nothing in Islamic law that says you can torture or rape your housemaid.”  Really? 

Moe Backlash


 Is Whole Foods Boycotting In-Store Ramadan Promotions Because of Right Wing Bloggers?

Was Whole Foods planning to use the Islamic holiday of Ramadan to attract Muslim customers?

Some news outlets are reporting that Whole Foods, a popular grocery chain, recently sent an e-mail to all of its stores instructing staff not to promote the Islamic holiday of Ramadan this year. The e-mail claims that some bloggers and customers have “misinterpreted” a recent, online give-a-way to mean that the store planned to support the Islamic holiday.

But, at least one blogger — Debbie Schlussel (a conservative who has covered Whole Foods extensively) – believes that the letter may be a staged attempt to stem off negative publicity, while also serving as a mechanism to strike back at her for negative coverage she’s given the company. Allow me to explain the background.  (The Blaze)

Here’s the Schlussel link:

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