Geert Wilders: The ‘Left’ can get lost. Mosques are palaces of hate…

 Wilders furious at ‘witch hunt’ after the Norwegian drama 

“The ‘Left’ can get lost” 

Geert Wilders is furious. The chairman of the Party for Freedom feels he is being demonized by left-wing politicians such as Dutch Labour party leader PvdA-leader Job Cohen. In no possible way has he contributed to a climate in which murderers such as Anders Breivik feel called upon to the urge to use violence, states Wilders. Right after the drama in Norway, Wilders disassociated himself of the murderer Breivik, who seems to nourish a fascination for right politicians such as Wilders. A few days ago Wilders sent a statement to the press as he remained under attack. Again he stated he did not have anything to do with Breivik (‘a lonely idiot’). Nevertheless, the pressure remained on the PVV-frontman to explain whether his words and ideas could be a stimulant breeding ground for loners such as Breivik. He received over 200 interview requests from the national and international press, says Wilders. He tells his story to the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf, from his holiday address.

Last week there was a ‘witch hunt’ against him, according to Wilders. “If a Muslim pleads a terrorist attack, it’s not the fault of Islam, according to the leftists; if a crazy maniac pleads an attack in Norway then the Freedom Party all of sudden takes it on the chin.”

The Freedom party PVV-leader feels that he should not be blamed for any of this. “Left-wing parties have grasped this opportunity to try to demolish the PVV and they demonize us with a morbid eagerness. But it’s all in vain — fortunately our voters have common sense knowledge and will not be talked into these lies from the left-wing parties. Our voters know that the PVV is against violence, only uses democratic means, and loathes what happened in Norway.” He said he does have any intention of explaining himself to these leftist politicians as he stated: “They can get lost. All of them”.

Hate palaces 

He even wants to even take it up a notch. “Islam is the biggest danger threatening our country and the free West. We have too much mass immigration from Islamic countries, and too many hate palaces — Cohen call them mosques, I believe — and immigrants are still overrepresented in the crime figures. Enough is enough.

Wilders does not shun tough language during debates. Last week Cohen suggested that politicians should watch their words due to the far-reaching influence they could have. Wilders does not feel addressed by this statement. “I speak the truth concerning Islam and the enormous dangers of this violent totalitarian ideology.”

Wilders continues: “And the truth must be told, because the coddlers of Islam such as Cohen of the Party of the Arabs have caused these problems and systematically ignored them. Against Cohen and the rest of the ‘left’ Netherlands I say: Not my words, but your silence concerning the dangers of Islam has a negative influence. Not the discussion of the problems and the coming up with solutions of the Party for Freedom PVV, but your cowardly attitude to just turn your head away from problems, and the coddlers of Islam have worsened the problems!” 

Wilders proposes to merely debate about the content. That he would incite hatred as critics reproach him, he calls nonsense. Whoever throws the ball can expect it to be thrown back?

“The truth is that the Islamisation of the Netherlands must be stopped. That is not inciting hatred, as the judge as a matter of fact also finds, but standing up for the Netherlands and our own culture and freedom, where Islam does not belong. Islam and freedom do not go together. Those are the facts, that is the truth. The truth is also that we have nothing to do with that psychopath from Norway and that we only want to reach our goals in a democratic and non-violent way. For this reason it is not a question of what goes around expecting to come around, throwing a ball and expecting it to be thrown back, but a fake political game of left-wing parties and other mentally disturbed people who try to exploit political popularity by abusing this terrible mass murder in Norway. How low can you go?”

Job Cohen wants a debate on how to shut down debate, or something:

He tries to make you think he gets it, but then he turns it all back on its head:

“My call to moderate our tone is not meant to avoid debate but to engage in it openly and with mutual respect…”

Respect what, Mr Cohen? Jihad? FGM?  Stoning of women, death for adultery? Public flogging for drinking alcohol? Child marriage, polygamy, honor killings, subversion, crime,  the burqa, the beards and the costumes? The religiously mandated killing of unbelievers, apostates and blasphemers, the fact that Geert Wilders and many like him have to live in hiding?

“What does it do to people who increasingly are born in this country when it is drummed into them that their efforts to help build a society counts for nothing because their faith is a totalitarian ideology which is completely alien to Western society? And what about those who are starting to believe that this is true and that this ideology is bent on destroying our society? The end result cannot be anything other than a confrontation between sworn enemies.”

That’s right. Those who believe in Islam will destroy our society. Islam divides the world in believers and unbelievers. And we need to raise awareness and reverse Islamic immigration. Islam will not change unless we change it, and Job Cohen cannot be trusted. (Read it all)

 The Dutch PM shows that he is a good dhimmi:

Wilders used the term in an interview with the Telegraaf newspaper shortly after the Norwegian shootings. Rutte told a news conference that Wilders’ comment was “terrible” and went too far. It was an extremely inappropriate remark, the PM said.

The wankers ‘fear polarization’

Rutte and Verhagen having been silent before where Wilders is concerned. And, to some extent, it is not surprising: at the start of their partnership they agreed to disagree on Islam. They think it’s a religion, Wilders regards it as a ‘totalitarian ideology’. This leaves him free to attack anything to do with Islam, although Rutte, albeit prodded by SP’s Emile Roemer, did distance himself from the term ‘Islamic voting fodder’.

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  1. Islam is hardcore politics, you still sleepy Dutch MP Mr. Rutte!

    Martin Luther, Karl Marx, Windson Churchill, King Friedrich II, Ata Turk (founder of Turkey), and many other prominents of the history has condemned the “inhuman Bedouin” Muhammad, are lucky that science backed Christinanity & Europe, but warned for the danger of Islam.

    Videokommentar: Medienpropaganda gegen Islamkritiker
    (video comment: media against critics of Islam)

    Read the (secound) last chapter #9 (#8) of the Quran
    It is a Declaration of Open-Ended War against the Kuffar (9:5, 9:29)

  2. I think that other factionleaders from political leaders in holland are just trying to demolisch Wilders, I think it’s because they’re jealous because of his popularity under the autochtonous population from holland ( but that aside), so other people (apart from the muslims or people who have muslimfriend, especially the yought that Wilders is referring to as ”streetterrorists ”) will hate him. I personally believe Wilders has great plans for holland (maybe whole Europe), although his way of practising them is not always good. Looking forward for Wilders as Prime Minister.

  3. George Tucker, “”The right of self-defense is the first law of nature.”

    We’ve got to take a leaf out of Geert’s book and come out swinging….

  4. Unlike in WW2, there won’t be anyone to save the Dutch this time. Islamonazism is their future…and the spineless, whimpering, cowardly dhimmidiots deserve it.

  5. Demographics is destiny. If the Islamization is allowed to continue then in about a decades time there will be a lot of self pitying young muslim men on the streets just like the riots in London today. The left is intent on destroying western civilization and its time to act now. The alternative is very real and we saw in in England.

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