Holy Ramadan Bombs & Holy Assassinations

Afghan bombings kill 25, target US base

HERAT, Afghanistan — Bomb attacks killed 25 people in Afghanistan on Thursday, ripping through a minibus packed with civilians and targeting a US-run base in the east bordering Pakistan, officials said.

Alvin & the Chipmunks celebrate Ramadan

Ooo, Eee, Ooo Ah Ah Kill Jews and Infidels for Ramadamadingdong….


 “Gunmen” shoot at bus in southern Israel’

Gunmen have fired at an Israeli bus travelling near the Egyptian border, wounding at least five people, according to Israeli media.


This is just the latest example of the wanton mass murder that the opponents of Israel tacitly support and abet with their relentless demonization of the Jewish State, and harsh criticism of any and all attempts by Israelis to defend themselves. “Gunmen kill six in Israel in attack near Egypt border,” by Jeffrey Heller for Reuters, August 18


Gunmen in military uniforms pull 7 Sunnis from mosque and execute them

“The men were all members of a militia created during the height of the sectarian conflict of Sunnis who used to be aligned with al-Qaida but later turned on them.”

Even if the jihadists eliminate everyone else, they’ll always have each other. Lacking an outside enemy against whom to make common cause, and a figurehead with exactly the right balance of personality cult and sheer brutality who could hold things together for a time, even a restored caliphate would collapse on itself from infighting and revenge-seeking.

“7 pulled from Iraqi mosque, killed execution-style,” by Hamid Ahmed for the Associated Press, August 15:  via JW.

Toronto Imam in Sex Assault Investigation

Sounds like he was a real horny toad, that SOB. And he was “very pious”, too….. the PC reporting is a hoot. The Muslims, of course, have no problem with a randy pedophile, after all, its their religion…… the rest is denial, ‘surprise’, ‘he was a great teacher’, he shared messages ‘of peace and goodwill’….

Mohammad Masroor, 48, of Toronto, faces 13 charges in relation to alleged offences between November 1, 2008 and July 28, 2011.


Russia Jihad

Another Day, Another Mosque
Shiities celebrate Ashura by flogging each other. NO, not in Iran, right here in Lilburn, Georgia 

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  1. What does the person in the passing car yell out to the reporter at 0:56? Sounds like “whore” but I’m not sure. By the look on her face, She definately didn’t like it much.

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