How come our minders are so different from us?

I don’t know about you, but I just hate being governed by such people:

 Role Model For Young Australians:

The former ‘climate change’ minister couldn’t change the climate. She is now changing our financial situation. No wonder Australia is going south.

Penny Wong and gay partner expecting baby

The couple know the biological father who will be known to the child.  But his name will not be released to the media, Senator Wong said. You can  tell Senator Wong what you think, here:  Online Contact Form –please be polite!

Who will tell us how to do things?

Gillard with likeminded kleptocrats

We need to be told, otherwise we wouldn’t know how to do things… by Gillard?  (ABC transcript here, Tim Blair)

UK Censorship:

“no extracts from parliamentary proceedings may be used in comedy shows or other light entertainment, such as political satire.”   (source)

Chocolate KRudd

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd  at Max Brenner’s:

“I don’t think in 21st-century Australia there is a place for the attempted boycott of a Jewish business,” Mr Rudd said at the time. “I thought we had learned that from history.”

But when it comes to Israel, he learned little from history:

FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd wants Australia to abstain in a potentially explosive United Nations vote to recognise a Palestinian state, pitting him against Julia Gillard’s declared strong support for Israel.  (source)

More mindless minderism:

German warmist shocked, shocked:

Anti-tax populism” verges on extremist violence (Tim Blair)

For this kind of people,  advocating the suspension of democracy is a necessity.

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