Islam Cannot Coexist With Freedom, Peace & Civilization

 From the ‘Religion of Peace’

Silencing Critics of Islamic Extremism (Daniel Greenfield)

“Any report on Islamophobia that scapegoats Jews is not a report on bigotry, it is an act of bigotry. And any report that denounces moderate Muslims is not moderate, it is an attempt to silence critics of extremism.”

I’m very fond of the writings of Daniel Greenfield, better known as Sultan Knish. However, readers of this blog know that I don’t buy the absurd construct of “Islamophobia”.  Neiter do I buy  obscurantist nonsense about ‘extremism’- (Islam, pure Islam, is always extreme) So far every ‘moderate Muslim’ turned out rather immoderate whenever we took a closer look.

 Freedom ‘Overrated?’

“Submission, the very translation of Islam, is far superior to “freedom” for fundamentalist Muslims.”

 There will be no peace as long as Islam exists

Putting the urban legend to rest.

Must read:

Thanks to Vlad Tepes
Bill Warner’s most excellent site, Political Islam, produces regular reports on persecution of women, Christians, and other groups that Muslims like to intimidate and ethnically cleanse periodically out of lands they control.  For those who do not know of Bill Warner check out this truly stellar speech he gave in Tennessee with German subtitles
Bill Warner is brilliant. However, I would object to calling Islam a ‘civilization’, it isn’t. Islam is annihilationist barbarity, a cult of destruction. That’s not my opinion, its a fact. There are 1400 years of history to prove it.

“Our civilization is built on the foundation of critical thought (how we think) and the Golden Rule (ethics). Islam is built on submission (authoritative thought) and ethical dualism.”  (Bill Warner)

 If we stopped the flow of money the Islamic house of cards would collapse

Can Islam survive modernity? Islam itself is as fragile as communism.

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