King Shlong

Lets give Saint Alphonzo the Nobel Peace Price (its only fair!)

Reverend Al and Media Manipulation

If you want to qualify as a full-time host on MSNBC, it helps to prove yourself an expert at media manipulation. Here’s how professional liar Al Sharpton elbowed his way into the big time: (video from Moonbattery)

From there he went on to get people killed for being white at the Crown Heights pogrom and Freddie’s Fashion Mart massacre. A hosting gig at MSNBC was a natural next step in this stellar career in evil. It’s only a matter of time before Sharpton wins a Nobel Peace Prize.

Leftarded Hatred Returned

“The Star and Ms. Mallick regret the errors and apologize to Ms. Phillips.”

Moochers Call For Censorship

Not to debate us. They don’t believe in debate. They want to silence us.

Bringing Beck Hope

Muslim Adviser

Liberals need to grow up and stop criticizing President Obama.  So said Fareed Zakaria Sunday on the CNN program bearing his name

Space Kadet

Paul Krugman actually advocated space aliens attack earth thereby requiring a massive defense buildup by the United States that would stimulate the economy.