Media Shysters

“The media  are the main ally of the liberal-progressive elite.”

 Martin (Mohammed) Bashir: 

There are a large number of people in this country who find some of the beliefs and comments and commitments of these individuals to be, frankly, very, very difficult to accept.” (Source)

 Certifiably Insane Libtards:

Linda Greenhouse, former Supreme Court reporter for the New York Times, posted her twice-monthly column Wednesday evening, on the dangers of today’s conservative Supreme Court going “Over the Cliff” in defending...the right to free speech. You read that correctly: A liberal Times reporter is faulting a conservative Supreme Court for being on a “dangerous path” and showing “arid absolutism” by expanding the First Amendment’s protections to corporations.    Read more: NewsBusters

 Goracle Watch

Gore: Scientists Wouldn’t Lie for Money to Advance Global Warming Theory – But Skeptics Would

Nobel laureate Al Gore claimed on Friday that scientists involved in advancing the theory of global warming wouldn’t do it just for the money.

Without recognizing the hypocrisy, he also told FearLess Cottage consumer advocate Alex Bogusky that scientists espousing a skeptical view of his money-making theory are exclusively doing so for their own financial benefit (video follows with transcript and commentary):  Read More

Israeli Media’s ‘Anti-Beck Crusade’