No, Muslims are not "the new Jews"

“Swiss Muslims” denounce islamophobia with infamous yellow badge


First of all, there is no such thing as a ‘Swiss Muslim’. There  are Muslims in Switzerland. They are invaders who somehow managed to settle behind, what they perceive to be, enemy lines.  Second, there is no such thing as ‘Islamophobia’. The word is not only a loaded gun to intimidate cowardly polit-props and EUrabia’s dimwitted journallie, but it is non-existent in dictionaries and in reality, as fear of Islam is justifiable and real. A phobia is irrational and can be cured. Aversion to, and revulsion of Islam combined with vehement resistance is our first and foremost patriotic duty.   In our book,  an  ‘Islamophobe’ is one who knows too much about Islam. At the same time, the soldiers of Allah are killing Jews and call for their annihilation, every day.

A Muslim radical group (are there any other ones?)  has launched a poster campaign (above) to denounce rampant islamophobia is Switzerland.

The campaign is also approved by moderate Muslims.  “It is true that as Muslims we feel we have become the new scapegoats”, saysLucia Dahlab, vice-President of the Union of Muslim Organizations in Geneva.

On the same day they murder…. Jews:

“A parallel with the discrimination suffered by Jews in the 1930s is made here and I do not say otherwise. Now playing with a symbol like the yellow star is inevitably difficult. But is it not a means to make people think? I think we have entered an era where communication campaigns focus on shocking people. As the UDC campaigns show. So yes, I would campaign with a more nuanced approach. But do we still have a choice?”

A poster on Islam in Europe has their number:

Again, the same dishonest, sickening attempt by muslims to label themselves as the “new Jews”; regardless of mainstream muslim admiration of Hitler, the fact that Mein Kampf is a bestseller in many muslim countries and the islamic hatred of Jews which has been part and parcel of islam since its invention. And I’ll write again why such analogies are beyond the pale, especially because their aim is to try to stop the growth not of “islamophobia”, which is something that does NOT exist, but of islamo-realism/awareness…

European Jews in the 1930 were fully-assimilated citizens of the countries where they lived and who actually CONTRIBUTED economically and culturally a great lot to their societies; unlike muslims, contributing extremely little and acting as an enormous burden on the societies where they live, both through what they get (legally and illegally) from welfare programs; rejecting secular legal systems in favor of that formula for the creation of cesspools known as sharia; being responsible for the overwhelming majority of criminal acts in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, the UK and the Netherlands. Not to mention how they require ever-increasing surveillance in order to be “prevented” from (in the words of our gutless and cowardly political leaders, as if anything done by infidels could prevent this) “becoming radicalized”, which in practice actually means following true islam as Mein Qurampf orders them to.

And here is Hugh Fitzgerald’s classic look behind the shrouds of Islamic deception:


6 thoughts on “No, Muslims are not "the new Jews"”

  1. One more thing about muslims trying to con everyone into thinking that they’re “new Jews” is what Thilo Sarrazin has repeatedly said about the consequences of the nazis ridding Berlin of the Jews during their rise to power: culturally and economically, Berlin has never recovered from that blow. On the other hand, if we think of the consequences of a hypothetical drastic reduction in the number of muslims in Europe, what would happen? The crime rates would drop by more than half of their current levels and crime-plagued areas would once again be safe, social services under strain would most likely go back to manageable levels, and property prices in neighborhoods with large number of muslims or those no-go zones would rise from their rock-bottom levels, teachers in public schools would no longer have to dumb-down school curricula to prevent most muslims from staying in first grade forever and littering in big cities would become much less of a problem, just to mention a few such consequences.

  2. I’ve had libtards accuse me of being a nazi for criticizing Pisslam. Of course, the libtards have f*(k all to say about the deliberate, state-sponsored persecution of people of other faiths that goes on in all islamofascist pigsties or the pervasive, rabid antisemitism found throughout the Quran and hadeeths.

  3. Is there anything more cowardly and invidious than the so called ‘moderate muslim’? Where are these fabled people? If they are so moderate then why arent they out protesting against the slow annihilation of indigenous cultures in their adopted countries? Why are there no protests against the many thousands of innocent people murdered in the same of that sick cult? Oh yes, thats right, because they dont give a shit!

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