Janet Albrechtsen vs the politically correct "racist-bigot-hurt-feelings" brigades…..

Ever thought of changing your race?

Its never been easier:  but mentioning it would be  racist. 

Here’s one who gets it on  Anti-vilification laws

Smugglers tell asylum hopefuls: send kids 

Update: People smugglers send kids

Family of Afghan welfare seekers

Only right wing bigot racist xenophobes would oppose the dumping of cute little kiddies from the third world on our shores. Right?  In their strange holier than thou  battle for Christian values (values, which they otherwise reject and deride)   the phony humanitarian social wankers and their cheerleaders typically neglect something far more important: our kids!)

Riot police ready to confront boatpeople– 

too little too late, but better late than never… Even so, the do-gooders piss and moan all over  themselves, just like they do over the proposed culling of fruit-bats, which have become a dangerous pest in Queensland.

Janet Albrechtsen on the attempts to close down debates on the grounds of good taste and hurt feelings.

Janet writes:

The principles are clear enough: free speech is not a Left-Right thing as Mark Steyn said. It’s a free-unfree thing.

MARK Twain knew a thing or two about political correctness when he said: “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

It’s tempting to think of the PC crowd as just a bunch of busybodies who are having us on. Early episodes of Sesame Street carry adults-only warnings. Enid Blyton has been cleared of all golliwogs. And last year a Seattle school renamed Easter eggs “spring spheres” so as not to offend children by alluding to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Political correctness seems to march to an imbecilic beat.

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Ramadamadambamm: Respect it, Infidels!

Holy Month, Holy Murders, Holy Bombs:

 But not to worry: mostly they kill other Muslims!

 Iraq: Anti-Christian Church Bomb Wounds 23

Police in northern Iraq say a car bomb has exploded outside a Christian church in the ethnically-divided city of Kirkuk, wounding at least 23 people.

Yet another churchbombing by the ‘Religion of Peace’

Indonesia: Ahmadis brace for Ramadan bloodshed

Ramadan: the month of jihad. “The extremists say this is a holy month, everything must be pure and sacred. So we, the Ahmadiyah followers, must be cleared out.”

“Muslim sect braces for Indonesia Ramadan violence,” from AFP, August 2 (thanks to JW)

“Cotabato City Administrator Cynthia Guiani Sayadi calling the bombing barbaric and un-Islamic. She noted it occurred during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.”

She is clearly unaware that Ramadan is the month of jihad.

“Bomb blast kills 1, wounds 6 in Philippines,” from the Associated Press, August 2 (thanks to JW)

Thanks to the ROP we are keeping track, at least we try:

Amid all the mainstream media spin on Ramadan as a time of devotion and prayer, it is useful also to remember that Ramadan is the month of jihad.

Background on the Minneapolis/Somalia jihad pipeline here.

“Al-Shabaab to launch Ramadan offensive?,” from UPI, August 1 (thanks to JW):

I tried to tell you. “Islamist factions jockey for power, vow religious rule,” by Betsy Hiel for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, July 31: that’s what they call progress in Islamistan…..

China Jihad

Shocker: Terrorists who attack, kill civilians in western China were trained in Pakistan

As if we needed any more reminders about how hazardous it is having a country in your neighborhood that serves as a haven and a base for jihad-inspired terrorists. Especially a country that is immediately adjacent to your own. Need anyone be reminded that the group called ‘al Qaeda’, or ‘the base’, has found lasting sanctuary in this very same country.

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The Norway Massacre and Europe's War on Free Speech

by Soeren Kern/Hudson New York

Media outlets in Europe and the United States are accusing Western critics of Islam and multiculturalism of complicity in the mass killing of more than 70 people in Norway. The attempt to exploit this crime for political gain is not just a case of malicious opportunism. It also represents the latest and most unsavoury salvo in the long-running war on free speech in Europe. 

Here it Comes: The OIC, the UN, and the State Department — with Hillary Clinton in the lead — are about to waltz their way into new laws against the “defamation of religions”. From the International Islamic News Agency  (H/T GoV)

Anders Behring Breivik, a deranged Norwegian accused of bombing government buildings in Oslo and then killing scores of young people during a 90-minute shooting rampage on a nearby camping island called Utoya, published a 1,500-page manifesto in which he vents his anger at the direction in which mostly leftwing elites in Norway and elsewhere in Europe are leading his country and the continent as a whole.

As it turns out, parts of the manifesto include cut-and-pasted blog posts from European and American analysts and writers who for years have been educating the general public about the destructive effects of multiculturalism and runaway Muslim immigration. By dint of duplicitous logic, these analysts and writers are now the victims of a smear campaign: multiculturalists are accusing them of inciting Breivik to murder.

These same analysts have, of course, been a constant bane on an unaccountable European elite determined to foist its post-modern, post-nationalist and post-Christian multicultural agenda on a sceptical European citizenry.

Unwilling to countenance opposition, these self-appointed guardians of European political correctness have laboured to silence public discussion about issues such as the rise of Islam in Europe and/or the failure of millions of Muslim immigrants to integrate into European society.

The primary weapon in this war on free speech has been lawfare: the malicious use of European courts to criminalize criticism of Islam.

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Sultan Knish: The Cowardice of the Mind

Once again, the Sultan rattles the brains of the shrieking enemedia:

The deconstruction of Herman Cain is an Islamic vetting of presidential candidates. 

 The Constitution won for us Freedom of Speech, but what worth is it if isn’t used?

Lynching Herman Cain

Herman Cain is being lynched for taking a stand. And the people doing it are Republicans and self-proclaimed conservatives. Commentators who complain about the “race card” are eagerly laying down the “bigot card” because Cain did what few candidates are ready to do. He clearly spelled out the problem with Islamic involvement in American public life.

If as some insist, Cain’s campaign was brought down by his statements about Islam– then Republicans have accepted the Dhimmi Principle that the viability of a candidate depends on taking a moderate position on Islam. A moderate position being skeptical, but not particularly confrontational. A position that easily leads back to that old “Handful of Extremists” saw.

All this comes down to is an Islamic vetting of presidential candidates. And everyone attacking Cain over it has given CAIR their victory.

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We're Shaik'n Again!

Our host took the site down due to  constant overloads, which caused other sites to crash. We were running out of bandwidth!   Its nice to be popular, and we appreciate the increasing interest from our regular readers and the wider community.

Thanks to Vlad I had the pleasure to post on his blog  until WoJ came back up. Many thanks’ to all our readers who showed their concern by sending e-mails etc.

We will continue doing  whatever it takes to bring the counter-jihad to the worldwide community of infidels,  because we must. We cannot afford to lose this war against the global jihad, a war which was declared on us in the 7th century, not the other way around.

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The Man Behind the Anti-Shariah Movement

The Man Behind the Anti-Shariah Movement: David Yerushalmi, a national treasure!

Pamela Geller:

The New York Times has a lengthy piece on a man I consider a national treasure, and I am not just saying that becuase he is my lawyer, representing me in numerous cases (i.e., the $10,000,000 lawsuit brought by Rifqa Bary’s parents; the violation of free speech in the banning of my freedom buses; the NYC transit ban on my Ground Zero mosque buses, etc.).

The Times gets it wrong, of course. It woud be kind of wonderful for the likes of Andrea Elliot to practice her craft in a sharia-compliant country and spare us her smears and deceptive whitewash of the most brutal ideology on the face of the earth.

It’s a smear piece, and a heads up to Ms. Elliot,  America is behind the anti-shariah movement.

By /New York Times

NASHVILLE — Tennessee’s latest woes include high unemployment, continuing foreclosures and a battle over collective-bargaining rights for teachers. But when a Republican representative took the Statehouse floor during a recent hearing, he warned of a new threat to his constituents’ way of life: Islamic law.

The representative, a former fighter pilot named Rick Womick, said he had been studying the Koran. He declared that Shariah, the Islamic code that guides Muslim beliefs and actions, is not just an expression of faith but a political and legal system that seeks world domination. “Folks,” Mr. Womick, 53, said with a sudden pause, “this is not what I call ‘Do unto others what you’d have them do unto you.’ ”

Similar warnings are being issued across the country as Republican presidential candidates, elected officials and activists mobilize against what they describe as the menace of Islamic law in the United States.

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Thanks to Vlad

Australian Defence League and friends standing tall and strong against sharia.

30th July, 2011, Australian patriots gathered in Martin Place, Sydney, to stage a peaceful demonstration against the encroachments of sharia law in our country.

Martin Brennan, the Leader of the Australian Defence League, has been Illegally Held In an Australian (Maribyrnong) Immigration Detention Centre. It appears Martin may well be what some may call a political prisoner. Don’t Cop It or you may be next !!! Sign the Petition to Free Martin at www.DontCopIt.com and remember if you’re not listening to 2GB you shouldn’t have a pulse !


Tim Blair – Sunday, July 31, 11

Peter FitzSimons, of all people, rails against Alan Jones: 

No kidding, even after knowing Alan Jones for nigh on 30 years, the sheer audacity of his hypocrisy, the chilling chutzpah of it, still takes my breath away. I mean, how can he front up to work day after day and take the positions he does, when so many of us know – even if his audience doesn’t – his complete intellectual and moral bankruptcy? 

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Libya: 'Patriots & Good Muslims'

Andrew Bolt

Are Islamists playing the West for suckers?

Well, the answer has to be a clear ‘yes’.  But its not the weaselly “Islamists’ either, its Muslims who do what Muslims do: deceive the unbelievers.  Because that’s what Muhammad did, and Muslims around the world are eager to emulate ‘the perfect man’.

This is the rebel regime that NATO is backing and Britain now recognising as Libya’s government:

A SENIOR opposition figure has confirmed Islamist rebels were responsible for the killing of the head of the Libyan rebel army.

In other news:

Two years after he was supposed to die of prostate cancer, the Lockerbie bomber is still ticking.

War is deceit:

That much was clear last week when Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, the only person convicted in the 1988 terrorist strike that killed 270 people, was trotted out for a pro-Moammar Khadafy rally in Tripoli.  (NYP)

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Abu Izzadeen declares part of Londonistan "Sharia Law Zone'

UK DAILY MAIL – As a throng of Muslim families crowd around him, Abu Izzadeen speaks in a quiet voice of his plans for the future of Britain. The tall, bearded 36-year-old — who was recently freed from prison after serving a term for funding terrorism — is telling, in chilling detail, how he wants to impose Islam’s strict Sharia law on this country.

“British Law Can Go to Hell”

Barenaked has a lot more:  MUSLIMS declare an area of London to be a ‘Shari’a Law Zone’ now