Tennessee Turkeys Welcome Thanksgiving

Slaves seeking their enslavement. Geese who can’t wait for Christmas. Are the kumbaya people incurable?

Courthouse site of protest over Geert Wilders film

Michelle Davis, left, and Mequet Hribar are just two of the many Cookevillians who showed up to voice their opposition to a film shown by the Tennessee Freedom Coalition at the courthouse last night.Herald-Citizen

COOKEVILLE — A crowd of more than 100 peaceful protestors gathered outside the courthouse last night with signs saying “We love Muslims” and “All religions believe in justice,” among many others, showing their opposition to the Tennessee Freedom Coalition’s showing of what they call a highly controversial film about the Islamic religion.

“A Warning to America,” by Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician who has spoken out against Islam, was shown in the county commission chambers last night. DVDs of the film were also available for purchase at the event.

“We’re here to voice another side,” Pat Handlson, minister of Cookeville First Presbyterian Church and event organizer said. “I think it’s sad there’s been such negativity surrounding the Murfreesboro mosque.”

Wilders, according to Rachel Welch, organizer of the film showing and vice-chair of the Putnam County Republican Party, has been under persecution in his country for hate speech and speaking out against Shariah law. Not long ago he was acquited, but he still has to travel with bodyguards as he was put under a “fatwa” (call for his death) by Muslims.

“This is certainly not a hate film,” Welch said. “It’s about facts and Islam being a political ideology shrouded in a religion.”

Welch reports that about the same number of people came to view the film.

Very few confrontations between the two sides were reported and both Welch and Handlson were pleased with how peaceful it was.

“I just wanted everyone here to be a witness to this event,” Handlson continued. “To be a witness to love your God and love your neighbor. We all can co-exist.”

Islam doesn’t want to co-exist, you fool. Islam wants to conquer and subjugate you.

Handlson has seen the film and he thinks while it is eye opening, he, along with the other protestors, do not necessarily share the same view.

Welch feels that it’s a film all about education of the Islam faith and how it’s changed societies and countries all over the world.

“There was one guy who sat out there and had friendly debates with some of the protesters,” she said. “They weren’t confrontational or intimidating at all.”

Handlson is concerned about this film being shown locally because Cookeville is home to a large group of Saudi Muslims.

“This is a subject we need to talk about though,” he continued. “My hope is that eventually a dialogue between the two sides will come about. We don’t need to talk at each other and attack each other.”

Muslims don’t do dialogue, they do da’awa. After that you are given a choice to convert, to submit to Islamic law and pay the jiziya, or to be killed. If you don’t understand that, Mr Handleson, please contact me here on sheik@sheikyermami.com, I’ll try to explain it to you.

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  1. These ignorant a-holes need to practice loving their freedoms and country before they try to love the invader.

  2. just wait when all the raping gets started maybe they will wake up. I doubt it though. if it was rubbed under their nose they still want believe . start studying and watch the news look at France and other country’s where all the rapes that are being gone by muslims it’s not a pretty. you don’t hate the people you hate what they do. their book preaches killing, rape, slavery,beheading, cutting off hands and feet. is this what you want? if it is go to one of the muslam country’s and live. we don’t need this crap in AMERICA.we love being free and they ( muslims ) don’t.

  3. Overweight morons. Never had a knife to their
    necks and had their throat cut on a speeding

  4. Why is it that people who have never lived here that are so quick to take sides? They need to come here (middle-east) for a week and find out what muslims are really like–a few hot days in a head bag, some beatings and other delights I won’t mention here–although, a burka on those two would be an improvement.

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