UK: "Redistributing the Wealth"

“This is the uprising of the working class. We’re redistributing the wealth”–

Britain burns: Riots spread through UK cities

DAVID STRINGER, Associated Press

LONDON (AP) — A wave of violence and looting raged across London and spread to three other major British cities Tuesday, as authorities struggled to contain the country’s worst unrest since race riots set the capital ablaze in the 1980s.

In London, groups of young people rampaged for a third straight night, setting buildings, vehicles and garbage dumps alight, looting stores and pelting police officers with bottles and fireworks. The spreading disorder was an unwelcome warning of the possibility of violence during London’s 2012 Summer Olympics, less than a year away.

Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May:

“The way we police in Britain is not through use of water cannon,” she told Sky News. “The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities.”

Good luck with that!

Must read: a walk down memory lane:

Messenger shot. Then London burned

Forty years after Enoch Powell’s infamous speech predicting that mass immigration would lead to violence on our streets,
The speech.

The consequence:

Mr Heath last night dismissed Mr Enoch Powell from the Shadow Cabinet. It became clear that the members of Mr Heath’s Shadow Cabinet were unanimous that Mr Powell would have to go. Several Front Bench members let it be known that they would resign if Mr Powell remained. Two of the leading figures in the drama appear to have been Mr Maudling, deputy leader of the party, and Mr Hogg, chief home affairs spokesman. Both are understood to have been appalled by Mr Powell’s inflammatory speech….

A statement issued by Mr Heath said: “I have told Mr Powell that I consider the speech he made in Birmingham yesterday to have been racialist in tone and liable to exacerbate racial tensions. This is unacceptable from one of the leaders of the Conservative Party.”…

But there is no doubt that a major factor in making up Mr Heath’s mind was the certainty of a further 24 hours of unfavourable press comment – even from normally Conservative newspapers.

The consequence of the consequence:

War declared:

Brendan O’Neill suggests another deadly contribution:

What we have on the streets of London and elsewhere are welfare-state mobs.

The youth who are shattering their own communities represent a generation that has been suckled by the state more than any generation before it. They live in urban territories where the sharp-elbowed intrusion of the welfare state during the past 30 years has pushed aside older ideals of self-reliance and community spirit.

The march of the welfare state into every aspect of urban, less well-off people’s existences, from their financial wellbeing to their child-rearing habits and even into their emotional lives, with the rise of therapeutic welfarism designed to ensure that the poor remain “mentally fit”, has undermined individual resourcefulness and social bonding. The antisocial youthful rioters are the end-product of this antisocial system of state intervention.

There is more, there is always more:

 On the Drum with Annabel Crabb, Bruce Haigh doesn’t think the rioters are rioters, but are instead poor disadvantaged protesters rising up against oppression like the “youth of Soweto”…..

Animals. Just animals in a mad pack.

BRITAIN’S riots show what happens when we underestimate the underclass. Or when we even more stupidly import one.

Three days of arson, looting and violence started, not surprisingly, in Tottenham, coyly described as “very diverse”. That means it has a large population of people of African and Caribbean descent, and is poor, crime-riddled and sullen.

This time the flashpoint was the shooting by police of Mark Duggan, which led family, friends and locals to protest outside a police station.

There they were joined by yobs summoned by SMS and Twitter, the technology of the mob.

Duggan actually best symbolised fault lines which have yawed open in Britain. He was black, although barely a single report dared say so, so irresponsibly timid has been the reporting.

He had three children with his girlfriend and another with someone else. Thus does the underclass ape the destructive freedoms too lightly flaunted by the more monied.

And he’d the adopted the culture that makes a rabble puffed with pride. He was a crook with a gun, a nightclubber who gave a finger to the camera. He was trash, blinged as success.

Yet to the mob at the police station he was a martyr, allegedly “executed” by a police force seen as an invading army, yet only too eager to apologise for its largely invented “racism”.

And it was on. Over the next three days, the riots spread over London, and on to Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. And they spread to tribes of every colour, as ferals celebrated the freedom to dominate and to steal.

One video I’ve seen shows a black man gently helping a badly bleeding Asian to his feet, so a white thug could zip open his backpack and steal everything in it.

Animals. Just animals in a mad pack.

We’re now told that this is not a “race riot” like all those others Britain has suffered. Yet race may indeed be a factor, not least for adding to the bonfire—and for helping to make the born-right-there trash feel even more unmoored in their own country.

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  1. Uprising of the working class? This is precisely what it is not, it is an uprising of the scroungers, the spongers, the ner’do’wells who are enraged that the government even dares to suggest they work for a living. This is the welfare class in all its glory, fostered and pandered by the labour government who now present the bill.

  2. Suggested headline for the MSM in Britain:

    “U.S. President Barack Obama’s Redistribution of Wealth Theory Spawns Morally Degenerate Anarchists Rioting and Looting in London Neighborhoods”

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