Islamofascists Deride Brisbane Rally Against Islamization

From the Bunglawussi Watch:

Another setback in the struggle against the Islamisation of Australia

Following on from the Australian Defence League’sflop in Sydney last weekend, another “ban the burqa” protest was held yesterday in Brisbane.

Organised by the Australian Patriots Defence Movement, an organisation that claims affiliation to the EDL and was launched following the broadcast of the TV documentary The Great Divide, the demonstration managed to attract 20 supporters, who were heavily outnumbered by counter-protestors.

See “Anti-racist rally confronts bigots”, Direct Action, 6 August 2011

And “Anti-racists confront far right rally”, Green Left Weekly, 6 August 2011

 Our detractors know very well that Islam is not a race, but they  keep flogging it like a dead donkey. But facts are stubborn, and  the resistance will grow.

Remember Don Pelayo and the Mustard Seed! (We’ve only just begun!)

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  1. Funny how they weren’t so big at the Sydney rally. Considering there were about 70 of us and about a dozen of them – I guess they didn’t like the odds. The fact they are ignoring says to me that we succeeded!

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