Al Awlaki Meets Virgins, Part II



An accident of birth does not make this guy a citizen. Al Awlaki  declared war on the country of his birth and encouraged others to commit violent acts against Her and her people. He lost any ‘rights’ he had when he did that.

America needs to do a lot ‘worse’ things than this in order to destroy the savages and their agenda. Just do it like the Russians do, America.

MSNBC gushes, credits “president Obama” with Al Awlaki’s ‘significance’ and tells us that  he wasn’t the most pious of individuals and was said to be dating a Croatian stripper.  (What’s a Croatian stripper doing in a place like Yemen?)

 The leftist media loves their terrorist “revolutionaries”

Hollyweirdo Sean Penn is in Egypt “reclaiming the revolution”

 Chavez Buddy Sean Penn Joins Tahrir Square Protest Against Egyptian Military Leaders

A desperately evil man who was linked to the 9/11 attacks (he was “spiritual adviser” to a couple of the hijackers) as well as to the Fort Hood jihad murder, the Christmas underwear jihad bombing attempt on an airplane over Detroit, and the Times Square jihad mass murder attempt, has apparently gone to his fiery grave. “U.S. Born Terror Boss Anwar al-Awlaki Killed,” from, September 30:
CAIR springs into action:

“As we have stated repeatedly in the past, the American Muslim community firmly repudiated Anwar al-Awlaki’s incitement to violence, which occurred after he left the United States.”

No he didn’t, CAIR is lying.  He was aiding and abetting the jihad of the 19 hijackers way back when.

More Blather From the Left:

5 thoughts on “Al Awlaki Meets Virgins, Part II”

  1. Now dont get me wrong I think Awlaki deserved to die and I think Ron Paul is a nutcase. But just think what Obambi and his Regime have done. They have established the principle that if you are perceived to be a threat to the REGIME that they can take you out and your American Citizenship counts for nothing. THAT IS THE REAL MESSAGE BEHIND OBAMBI’S ACTION .

  2. Obambi might be gone but his ideological PLACEMENTS in the Civil Service will take YEARS to be winkled out.

  3. Why cant you open your minds and THINK for a moment people. The PRINCIPLE that Obambi and his REGIME have just established is that if THEY consider you to be an enemy they can take you out even if you are a CITIZEN. Remember all the DISGUST America expressed when RUSSIA did that to Trotsky and to other dissidents over the years . So tell me what makes what America has just done any better. And THAT is the scary thing. Al Alwaki deserved to be TRIED as a Traitor and then put to death if convicted but not RUBBED OUT in the Chicago way of the GANGSTER USURPER masquerading as a Natural Born Citizen that America has stupidly allowed to be President.

  4. I agree with Pragmatist. We have a similar problem in Australia and Europe. These left wing whingers have to be removed through legal means and it will take time and effort. We need to start now.

    Regarding the islamist who is now feeding worms – it is best not to try these people in a court of law but to just disappear them. You learn a whole lot more about them in this way.

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