Another Day, Another Mosque

We know that mosques are enemy territory on our soil, and yet we let them proliferate:

Danish Mega-Mosque Funded by Iran

The city council of Copenhagen has given its final approval for the construction of the first official “Grand Mosque” in the Danish capital. The mega-mosque will have a massive blue dome as well as two towering minarets and is architecturally designed to stand out on Copenhagen’s low-rise skyline.

Unlike most mosques in Europe, which cater to Sunni Muslims, the mosque in Copenhagen pertains to Shia Islam. The mosque is being financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran; critics say that theocrats in Tehran intend to use the mosque to establish a recruiting center for the militant Shia Muslim group, Hezbollah in Europe. (Hudson New York)

 UK: London mosque accused of misunderstanding Islam, promoting jihad terror, murder of Ahmadis, and hate in Pakistan

This is of course the favorite mosque of ‘Lord’ Ahmed, the Islamic headbanger who threatened parliament with 10.000 mad Muslim assassins over Geert Wilders playing his 15 minute film FITNA. Also famous for the  ‘Undercover Mosque’ series on Channel 4, which was absurdly investigated for telling the truth about Islam.


Naturally, the accusations have mosque trustees…outraged. “London mosque accused of links to ‘terror’ in Pakistan,” by Kurt Barling for the BBC, September 22 (thanks to  JW):

A south London mosque is at the centre of allegations it helped promote of [sic] acts of terror and hate in Pakistan.Leaflets circulating in Pakistan calling for the murder of members of the Ahmadi Muslim sect directed readers to a website naming Stockwell Mosque.

The website mentioned on the leaflets in turn advised people with queries to contact the mosque in Stockwell.

Angry trustees at the mosque said its name had been misused and it had no links to the Pakistani organisation.

Trustee Toaha Qureshi said: “We don’t have any linkage with this organisation which is promoting hate.”

Of course. Who ever heard of a mosque promoting hate? Well, maybe the people in this mosque; or this one; or this one that was used to house a bomb factory; or this one that was used to store weapons; or this one that was used to disseminate messages from bin Laden; or this one that was used to demand (in the U.S.) that non-Muslims conform to Islamic dietary restrictions; or this one that was used to fire on American troops; or this one that was used to fire upon Indian troops; or this one that was used to train jihadists.

Crocodile tears. If El-Gamal were in earnest about allaying people’s concerns, he would be talking to 9/11 family members now. And he would have accepted our invitation to come to our forum on the Ground Zero Mosque at CPAC last February. And he would not be aiding and abetting the ongoing campaign of defamation and vilification of opponents of the triumphal mosque at Ground Zero. “GZ Islamic center boss: We blew it,” by Erin Calabrese and Tim Perone in the New York Post, September 22:    More on Ground Zero Mosque developer El-Gamal 

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  1. Oh Danes! You were quite sensible for a while. Is it the new prime minister and the general air of Spend! Spend! Spend! she’s opened all the windows to. Yes the Iranian government is paying for the joint, but the Danes will pay the real price. Oh how they will pay.

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