‘Conflict between two faiths at a Bradford'

Durotrigan just sent this in:

‘Muslim-Catholic Conflict’ hits St Bede’s in Bradford

The National Secular Society (NSS) today published a report on an outbreak of violence between religious gangs at Bradford’s St Bede’s School on Monday. Whereas Bradford’s Telegraph and Argus was somewhat coy about revealing the identity of one of the two factions, insulting the intelligence of its readers by referring to Conflict between two faiths at a Bradford catholic school’ thereby singling out Christians, the NSS had no such inhibitions about identifying the Muslim begetters of violence who attacked school buses:
Stones and half-bricks were thrown at the three buses and terrified pupils had to dodge the missiles which smashed windows causing £600 worth of damage.
This violence followed on from an earlier ‘stand-off’ between the two gangs. The fact is, the two don’t mix, and pupils should not have to suffer from being forced to study alongside Muslims. Such forcible mixing is harmful to the educational and personal development of non-Muslim pupils, and it is disgraceful that children’s futures are being blighted for the sake of politically correct and factually insupportable platitudes concerning the desirability of this type of mixed education.
Heaton Labour Councillor Imdad Hussain intervened stating that talks were needed between parents and pupils from both sides to avoid an escalation into what the NSS described as ‘full-scale gang warfare’. Thankfully, peace appears to have returned since this dreadful start to the week.
Dumbles comments on JW:

Muslims in Australian schools have been throwing their weight around, too; you may recall a case that came up here at Jihadwatch, about Muslim bullyboys attacking a little Greek Australian boy in the playground because he ate a salami sandwich in front of them during Ramadan. And there was a really nasty incident when a bunch of Muslim ‘youths’ – who weren’t students at the school – invaded the grounds of an Aussie Catholic school and started **attacking the students with, among other things, a meat cleaver**.

And there have been ‘sectarian tensions’ in our most Islamified suburb, Auburn in Sydney; Muslims firing rifles at a Hindu temple (which they have also been attacking in other ways, the usual egg-throwing, bottle-throwing and so on) and – in 2004 – firing rifles at a Maronite Catholic church, while it was full of people attending a Christmas concert.

Muslim malevolence and aggression never lets up. They keep poking and prodding. And the moment their victims have had enough, and spin round and hand them some whoop-ass in response, the Muslims scream and yell and try to pretend that their victims started the fight.