French Muslim 'Dislikes' Burqa But Supports it By Paying Fines For Those Wearing it

Double dealing or Islamic dualism, that is now the question.

But no, in reality this ‘businessman’ is engaged in sedition. Paying the fines means he is encouraging the  burqa wearers to break the law, and instigating a crime is also criminal.

From Bunglaphobia Watch:

The Netherlands is about to ban burqas in public. In doing so it is following the example of France and Belgium. Rachid Nekkaz, a Muslim with an Algerian background, has set up a milion-euro fund in France to pay the fines.

In this case I suggest we raise the fine. Simple.

He thinks burqa bans violate European constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms, which is strange because personally he believes burkas do not help integration: “Personally I am against burqas, because I don’t think wearing a niqaab helps the integration of these women into French society.”

It doesn’t. Then why the pretenses and the abandonment of reason?


After the introduction of a burqa ban in France, Mr Nekkaz set up the organisation Touche Pas à Ma Constitution or Don’t Touch My Constitution. The organisation will also help Dutch women if the ban is introduced. “Dutch women who get fined can phone me.” Mr Nekkaz says. “My number is on the internet.”

And it is not just an empty promise. The rich 38-year-old entrepreneur has already paid fines for two girls in Brussels. He says one million euros may be a lot of money, but it is nothing if it enables you to defend civil liberties.

The burqa is not a freedom sack. How stoopid do these people think we are?

The cabinet will decide on the ban today. Then it still has to go through parliament, but it is already clear that a parliamentary majority backs the measure.

In Belgium, legal proceedings have been taken against the ban (which includes the niqaab). The court’s verdict is expected soon.

RNW, 16 September 2011

Enough already with the “liberating” burqas

Again today I stumbled across some baloney about the burqa being liberating,  supposedly because it allows women to walk around without being leered at, etc.  The problem with these arguments is that they overlook a very simple fact:  nothing is liberating if someone is being obligated to do it, beaten senseless and forced under threat of being murdered to wear it. Freedom to wear the burqa does not  enable Muslim women who fear the wrath of allah, fear of hellfire, to take part in modern society.

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