Iran's Genocidal Thug in Chief to Dine With ‘Enthusiastic’ Columbia University Students

It’s a Date: Ahmadinejad to Dine With ‘Enthusiastic’ Columbia University Students

They are breeding zombies in western universities. I’m not kidding.

They really love to hate themselves, or is it just the perverse bloodlust of the left that makes them gawk for a genocidal lunatic?

..the intimate event could get somewhat awkward. Today the rambling Thug in Chief also claimed da Jooozzz started both world wars…. Read More »

NBC Goes ‘Behind the Scenes’ With Iranian ‘President’ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

In that case Obama was the second 9/11   Read More »


 Russia warned on Wednesday that “terrorist organizations” may arise in Syria should President Bashar al-Assad’s regime fall under pressure from ongoing street protests.

Peanut Khadr

Jimmy Carter: No Choice But to ‘Reluctantly’ Support Palestinian State

“The Arab spring has brought hope for democracy and freedom to many of the people in the region…” (Khadr must be hearing voices. Or perhaps he reads Arab newspapers…)  Read More »


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  1. Widow of Stockholm Christmas suicide bomber

    “After the bombing, fears arose that Abdulwahab had lured a number of young Muslims into his extremist net during the nine years he spent in Luton.

    A beauty stylist who ran her own business, Miss Thawny is the daughter of a Romanian Christian mother, Mihaela, and an Iraqi Muslim father, Abdul.”

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