Muselmanic Grievance Theater

Shock horror:

Athens is the only European capital without a mosque

No mosque has operated in the Greek capital since the country left from the Ottoman rule in 1832 and Muslims in Greece have to pray at stadiums in Athens as a proper mosque still remains a dream after more than two decades of campaigning. (World Bulletin, 2 September 2011)

Imagine that! The world belongs to Allah and there are still filthy kafirs who resist those who demand our submission. If that doesn’t call for jihad I don’t know what does:   Greece has a growing Muslim community and Athens’ Muslim community is without an official mosque and....blah blah blather…..

Muselmanic Katzenyammer

Christianity in the age of the Obamessiah

“I am an American/Wichita born, Wichita raised, Christian citizen. I am being forced by my own government to stand trial for the crime of preaching the Gospel of our Lord. And the governments witnesses against me are my own government and an Islamist. America is devouring itself.”

Paki Conditions in the UK:

Cultural Enrichment on Benefits


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  1. No coincidence that this is the city where abortionist George Tiller “the killer” slaughtered babies with impunity, and dressed them up to conduct “baptisms” with the parents there, to help them “mourn” and “heal”…and people who pray on the sidewalk and offer help to women going into these death mills are subjected to drastic freedom of speech limits, and relegated to the outside of “buffer zones”.

    What the hell is the matter with Wichita?

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