Muslims express gratitude to Australia by setting Darwin immigration center on fire.

Vlad Tepes presents:


Australia’s Asylum Madness

AUSTRALIA: As Muslim invaders continue to flood Australia, officials talk about allowing even more of them in

Plagued with serious problems by these Muslim asylum seekers who burn down buildings and riot at detention centers on Christmas Island, left wing politicians are considering allocating more resources for illegal aliens which will cost struggling Australian taxpayers billions.

4 thoughts on “Muslims express gratitude to Australia by setting Darwin immigration center on fire.”

  1. For the life of me I can’t understand why the Australian Government don’t move these ‘illegals’ to a UN transit camp where they belong.

    That will soon stop them once their final destination is made abundantly clear.

  2. There would be no riots or fires if the dumb heads in the government there brought in real refugees, like the Christians that are fleeing persecution in Musulmanic lands.

    But in the new World Order, the Christians just don’t matter to the elites.

  3. (1) Beef up your navy.
    (2) Sink any watercraft containing enemy aliens (i.e., Muslims).
    (3) If anybody complains, ignore them.
    (4) Rinse and repeat until they stop bothering you.

  4. We should do as the Americans do – if they are found outside territorial waters – ship them straight back to where they originate from. The US is a UN signatory (indeed, funds it to the tune of billions per year) – SO IF THEY CAN DO IT WHY CANNOT WE?

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