WTF? Australia boosts aid to Libya…?

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Libya is a rich country with almost no foreign debt. There is no reason for Australia to support the Islamic thugs in cahoots with al Qaeda that are now about to turn Libya into another sharia ruled theocracy.

THE federal government has boosted the level of aid to the International Red Cross to assist the people of Libya.

Acting Foreign Minister Craig Emerson was poised to announce an additional contribution of $4.6 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross at a meeting on Libya in Paris tonight.

The money was assigned from Australia’s existing aid budget, boosting the total assistance to the crisis in Libya, where rebel troops have seized control from the Gaddafi regime, to $41.1 million.

“With this assistance, the Red Cross will provide urgent medical assistance in conflict areas, as well as food and water in Tripoli,” Dr Emerson said.

Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side

Statements of support for Libya’s revolution by al-Qaeda and leading Islamists have led to fears that military action by the West might be playing into the hands of its ideological enemies.

Update: “Islam will be the law of Libya”


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Swiss Resistance Grows

Barenaked presents:

Right Wing” Swiss People’s Party intensifies its anti-Muslim immigration campaign in the run up to the election in October


Popular Swiss People’s Party platform promises to “halt mass (Muslim) immigration”

Election candidates for the right wing Swiss People’s Party, Switzerland’s biggest, signed a ‘contract with the people’ on Sunday promising to deport foreign criminals and halt ‘mass immigration’ from Muslim countries. (It’s about time somebody in Europe did this. Let’s hope it’s a trend)

The Local

 The “contract” also promises to fend off any moves for Switzerland to join the European Union.  

About 200 party candidates for October parliamentary polls signed the document, printed on parchment, before a thousand party loyalists at a ceremony in Zurich.

A similar document signed ahead of federal elections in 2007 had slightly different priorities — the top three then included tax cuts, now replaced by the promise to turn back immigration.  

“We have the feeling that what concerns most people at the moment is immigration,” party candidate Christoph Moergeli said at the ceremony.   Earlier this month, Swiss anti-racism authorities urged political parties to refrain from campaigning on racist platforms.  The Swiss People’s Party has consistently sparked controversy over its campaigns.

In October 2010, it triggered a trans-border spat after it branded French commuters as “scum”. But the party is most notorious for its signature poster depicting white sheep kicking a black sheep out of the Swiss flag.

The party, which already holds around a quarter of the seats in the federal assembly, is expected to make further gains in the upcoming elections.

A Right-wing political party in Switzerland has produced a provocative anti-immigration campaign in which a photograph of naked young models wading into Lake Zurich is contrasted with an image of headscarf-wearing Muslim women bathing in filthy water. BRILLIANT!
“A Kosovar (Muslim) stabs a Swiss man.” “A Kosovar kills the head of social services.” These are not newspaper headlines but instead the latest set of newspaper ads the Swiss People’s Party. They feature recent crimes committed by Kosovar Muslims with an image of their ubiquitous campaign poster “stop massive immigration” showing people trampling the Swiss flag.

Ezra Levant takes a closer look at the Manchurian Moonbat and his family

Sobering up yet? Buyers remorse? The  leftist media whores who backed the Marxist Muslim have sold America for 30 pieces of silver. The damage is irreparable. If you’re still waiting for ‘hop’nchange you should see a shrink:

Libya ‘Freedom & Democracy’ is just around the corner:

“Islam is the Religion of the State and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).”  (Thanks to KGS/ TT)

Peter Hitchens on Arab Spring:

“It looks to me pretty much like a football crowd armed with AK-47s and bazookas, with the added ingredient of Islamic militancy. Why am I expected to like it?”

What he said. Indeed, NATO’s intervention in the Libyan revolution is the apotheosis of fantasy-based policy making, driven by the expectation of realizing a politically correct fairy tale narrative that must end “happily ever after” because someone has invoked “freedom.” “We’re cheering on a football crowd with AK-47s, who could be worse than Gaddafi,” by Peter Hitchens for the Mail on Sunday, August 28:

The moment has come to admit that I loathe the Arab Spring and almost everything about it.

Withholding the jiziya (tribute) to Pal-terrorists in prison is ‘incitement’

You wonder how they can keep a straight face making these insane demands. But the Pal-Arab mind rejects reason, so no surprises here….. (TT)

Ramadan Offerings from the Religion of Peace

 As expected, the Religion of Peace crushed the competition again this Ramadan, restoring the terror crown to its rightful owner.  In a clean sweep, at least 180 Quran-inspired Muslims killed over ten times as many people as were murdered by Norway’s Anders Breivik in July.

Ontario Premier Licks Halal Chops With Radical Headbangers

The charade continues:

Ontario Premier Praises ‘Beauti-ful, Peaceful, Loving’ Islam…


The debate over Muslim prayers at a Toronto school wove its way into Eid al-Fitr celebrations on Tuesday.

Speaking to a crowd of more than 10,000 gathered at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Jamal Badawi, a prominent author deceiver on Islam,called attempts to stop the Friday prayers at Valley Park Middle School a form of “secular fundamentalism.”

A young boy watches as men pray during the Muslim Association of Canada’s Eid celebration at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Thousands of area Muslims attended the 26th annual event.

Critics, including several religious groups, have condemned the school for allowing an imam to conduct prayer services for Muslim students in the cafeteria.

“We strongly support the freedom of faith . . . and prayer in schools. Yes, in schools,” Badawi said to some cheers.

Of course, of course. Badawi supports ramming Islam down the throats of the kafirs. He supports the Islamic freedom to spread Islam.  He vehemently opposes freedom from religion.  For Badawi its Islam 24/7, everything else would be ‘counterproductive’.

His sermon marked a serious moment in a largely celebratory event marking the end of Ramadan, a month-long fast.

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Tower Hamlets & the EDL

Bunglaphobia Watch:

It is right to ban the English Defence League’s march

Predictable. We are not dealing with democrats here. Funny though that the Islamic thugs and their leftist enablers  accuse  the EDL  march as “violent attempts to intimidate religious and ethnic minorities” when they themselves are engaged in terror, mass-murder and systemic annihilation of minorities in countries where they have the upper hand.

Esmeralda Weatherwax  has been to Tower Hamlets to check it out, she took some pictures and thanks to Vlad Tepes we have her report, via The New English Review

Why I am going to Tower Hamlets on Saturday.

I am of an old East End family. We define the East End as the three old boroughs of Bethnal Green, Stepney and Poplar which since 1965 make up the current London Borough of Tower Hamlets, plus that area of Shoreditch around Shoreditch Church which since 1965 is part of the London Borough of Hackney. Although my mother was born in Hoxton (which is adjacent to, but not part of, the East End) where my grandfather had a market stall, her parents were born in Bethnal Green as were all of my father’s family. My cousins and I have traced many lines of our families back to the 18thcentury. We span 4 centuries and 10 generations in the area, at least. Welcome to my ancestoral homeland.

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Talibandit Threatens Attack 'Greater Than 9/11'

 Obama responds by wishing ‘Eid Mubarak’ to Muselmaniacs worldwide. 

 Egyptian Sheikh Threatens Christian Extermination  (Obama regime yawns)

Obama issues new orders: don’t mention al Qaeda!

Obama Regime  Issues New Guidelines: Minimize it!

 Paki Talibandit Head-honcho Promises “Attack Greater Than 9/11”

 Premature Shahidification

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — A senior police official says a suspected suicide bomber riding on a motorcycle in Pakistan’s largest city prematurely detonated his explosives, killing himself and his companion.

Chechnya Jihad

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Eight people, seven of them police, were killed in a suicide attack in Chechnya’s capital Grozny on Tuesday during celebrations at the end of the Muslim festival of Ramadan, a police source told Interfax news agency.

A man detonated an explosive device when a police patrol tried to detain him and a second blast rang out soon afterwards, an unidentified police official told the privately-owned agency. The explosion killed seven police officers, an emergency services worker and wounded at least 16 people, Interfax added.

 Sowdi Barbaria

Al-Qaeda bigwig and former Gitmo detainee tells Saudi prince to expel all non-Muslims from the kingdom

Never mind how that would paralyze the Saudi economy, dependent as it is on what often amounts to slave labor, as demonstrated by so many horror stories, and the denial of freedom of religion and worship to non-Muslim foreign workers.

But what kind of intolerant person would demand the expulsion of other religions from his territory? Not just al-Qaeda’s Ibrahim al-Rubeish, but Muhammad himself:

“I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.” – Sahih Muslim 19.4366.

“Qaeda chief tells Saudi prince to expel non-Muslims,” from Agence France-Presse, August 29

Nothing sweeter than the blood of (indoctrinated) kidz: