Syria: “Tear Christians Into Pieces And Feed Them To The Dogs…"

He must be a moderate. Just the kind of guy Hussein Obama and Shrillary Klintoon like to do business with:

A Syrian sheikh who has been exiled to Saudi Arabia and has become one of the voices of the uprising against Assad, urges his followers, in television sermons that have been broadcast in Syria, to ”tear apart, chop up and feed the meat of all supporters of the current regime to the dogs, including ALL Christians.”

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After Obama helps Assad of Syria get deposed, it will become lethal for Christians there

ANSA Med  Many Syrian Christians, the website reads, are terrorized; in some cities, like Homs, they are even afraid to leave their houses. Some churches have already been burned down. These appeals to hate were made in this context by Sheikh Adnan al Aroor, who is described in a profile of television network Al Arabia as a ‘moderate Sunni’, a ‘symbolic figure’ for the anti-Assad activists, a man who invites people to ‘peaceful and non-violent’ rebellion.

The sheikh broadcasts on the Islamic satellite channel al Safa, which has its headquarters in Saudi Arabia. The channel is very popular in Syria. In one of the sheik’s sermons that have been examined by the editorial staff of ‘Terrasanta’, al Aroor explains that Syrians can be divided into three groups: ”the first includes people who are for the revolution and against Assad. When the President falls, the winners will look with favour on this group. The second group consists of people who are not for nor against the revolution. They can expect no privileges from the new regime.

The third group opposes the revolution and backs Assad. The meat of these people – in the words of Al Aroor – will be ”torn apart, chopped up and fed to the dogs.” This is an explicit threat to Christians, who have always been considered to be protected by the current regime. (Sort of…)

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  1. Pakistan: Asia Bibi, sentenced to death for blasphemy, did not have an attorney; court “under the obvious pressure of Islamic extremists”

    We have not had an update on Asia Bibi in a while, but she remains in a Pakistani prison, unjustly sentenced to death for blasphemy charges brought in retribution for her defending her Christian beliefs and refusing to convert to Islam. The law is inherently abusive, and only lends itself to further abuses.

    Barack Obama should know the name of Asia Bibi. Every member of Congress should know her name. Every prospective presidential candidate should know her name. Her case is emblematic of all that is wrong with our “friend and ally” Pakistan. Future aid to Pakistan should be tied to her release, along with all similar prisoners of conscience, with substantive pressure applied to Pakistan to secure the release of all captive women and girls forced to convert to Islam — a “common practice,” according to the Bishop of Islamabad.

    “ASIA/PAKISTAN – Asia Bibi was sentenced to death by a court “influenced by Islamic extremists’ and ‘without a lawyer’,” from Agenzia Fides, September 15:

  2. “Tear Christians into pieces and feed them to the Dogs”

    Surely you are not suggesting he meant:

    “Tear Christians into pieces and feed them to the Dogs”

    Sheik, if that’s what he meant surely he would have said:

    “Tear Christians into pieces and feed them to the Dogs”

    Ah Ha I got ya !!! Nice try Sheik at discrediting the Religion of Peace yet again.

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