Turkey's Jihad Against Israel

“Islam intends to conquer the world, It is already doing so through immigration to France, England and more slowly to the rest of the Western world”

The Turkish-born Professor Yisrael Chanatoglu speaks about Turkey’s plan to reestablish the caliphate. “Video: Expert in Knesset – PA Part of Global Jihad,” fromArutz Sheva, September 8:

“Islam intends to conquer the world, It is already doing so through immigration to France, England and more slowly to the rest of the Western world. The threats to march on communities in Judea and Samaria on September 20th and the recognition bid at the UN are all part of this global Jihad”, says Professor Yisrael Chanatoglu of the Association of Professors for a Strong Israel….

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The increasing Islamization of Turkey has correlated with a dimmer outlook for its long-term stability, and an increase in the rash, confrontational policy-making we are observing now.

Turkey to step up naval patrols in waters where Israeli navy operates

The decision “raises the risk of a naval confrontation between the two powers,” and that’s exactly the idea. One must remember that all of this high-stakes brinkmanship stems from Turkey’s demand for an apology, though it’s not really about the apology. It is about boosting Turkey’s credentials among Islamic countries, and attempting to isolate and de-legitimize Israel.

More on this story, as the irony of Erdogan’s calling Israel a “spoiled boy” continues to mount.

Erdogan: Turkish warships will escort boats to Gaza

The latest escalation in the Turkish Temper Tantrum. Erdogan has also publicly considered visiting Gaza, and clearly does not care on either point how he is bolstering Hamas. “Turkish warships will escort aid vessels to Gaza: Erdogan,” by Sami Aboudi for Reuters, September 8:

“Turkey raising naval presence amid tension with Israel,” by Pinar Aydinli for Reuters, September 6:

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey is freezing defense trade with Israel and stepping up naval patrols in the eastern Mediterranean, highlighting a potentially destabilizing rift between the two major U.S. allies in the Middle East.  (More from JW)

Turkish PM suspends all defense ties with Israel, promises “this process will be followed by different measures”

Another escalation of the Turkish Temper Tantrum, in which Erdogan has now alsocalled Israel a “spoiled boy.” “Erdogan: Turkey suspends all defense ties with Israel,” from the Jerusalem Post, September 6:

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey was “totally suspending” defense ties with Israel, after downgrading diplomatic relations with the country.  (More)

Israeli general: Middle East war imminent

“After the Arab Spring,” Eisenberg says, “we predict that a winter of radical Islam will arrive.”

 Israeli general sees higher likelihood of regional war, of “Arab Spring” turning to “radical Islamic winter”

Really? WoJ readers never had any illusions about it.  (More)

Iran’s latest offer to UN on nukes: You can watch us do what we please.

That’s if the UN cancels the sanctions against Iran. “Iran ready for ‘full’ UN oversight if sanctions go,” from Reuters, September 5:

TEHRAN – Iran would be ready to grant the UN atomic watchdog “full supervision” of its nuclear activities for five years if UN sanctions were lifted, a senior official was quoted as saying on Monday, an offer the West may greet with skepticism.

One would hope.

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One thought on “Turkey's Jihad Against Israel”

  1. Treason? Or Mafia style preparations for assassinations?

    Jut goes to show once again that Islam is a criminal organization.

    ……the list is based on information received by other IDF soldiers who “regretted the incident and gave me the names of the soldiers.”

    A lie! War is deceit.

    Report: Turkey has obtained names of Israeli soldiers in flotilla raid, may try to prosecute for “torture and premeditated murder”

    The State Department has told both Turkey and Israel to “cool it,” even as Israel has largely reserved comment and tried to downplay the crisis while Ankara continuously escalates its rhetoric and threats. The saber-rattling has gone in one direction.

    And now, this. The charges are ridiculous, and are an attempt to intimidate and blackmail Israel by now making threats not only as one state to another, but threatening to attempt to ruin individuals’ lives, and possibly to endanger them by publicizing their identities and leaving them vulnerable to individual acts of revenge.

    “Report: Turkey obtains names of flotilla raid soldiers,” from YNet News, September 9:

    Amid rising tensions between Israel and Turkey over the Palmer Report, Istanbul’s chief prosecutor approached the Turkish intelligence services in a request to reveal the identities of the Israeli soldiers involved in the May 2010 raid on the Mavi Marmara ship, in which nine Turkish civilians were killed.
    The request came after the prosecutor approached Israeli authorities for the information last May, but did not receive a reply.
    Meanwhile, a lawyer affiliated with IHH– the Turkish group that organized the flotilla – claimed the organization handed the prosecutor a list with over ten names of IDF soldiers that were onboard the vessel, Turkish newspaper al-Zaman reported on Friday.
    Appalling, if true:

    “We have handed the list to Istanbul’s prosecutor and are now waiting for arrest warrants,” said Attorney Ramzan Turk, adding that the list is based on information received by other IDF soldiers who “regretted the incident and gave me the names of the soldiers.”
    Ramzan noted that the soldiers who provided the names did not take part in the raid.
    In addition Zaman’s claims, the prosecutor reportedly also approached the intelligence services for a list of names, a move which would enable to start proceedings against a long list of Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, former IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, Navy Commander Adm. Eliezer Marom and other officials involved in the flotilla raid.
    The soldiers that participated in the takeover may face charges of premeditated murder and torture, as well as restricting the passengers’ freedom of movement, the report said.
    Meanwhile, Ankara diplomats on Friday stressed that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s north African tour will not include a visit to the Gaza Strip.
    “Turkey doesn’t want to enrage the Egyptian authorities,” an Ankara official explained the move.

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