UK: Two EDL members stabbed by mohamadan 'youths'; Police goes after EDL…

Sharia in action. The way allah wants it: the dhimmi-police doing the bidding for the mohammedan scourge.

Thanks to Zilla for sending this in: video of the grotesque display via Gateway Pundit:

Today, on the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 islamic terrorist attacks that killed thousands of people for islamic jihad, a vile group of islamic supremacists burned an American flag and spewed islamopropaganda outside of the American Embassy in London, England. Members of the English Defense League, a counterjihad group, were barred from counter protesting at the US Embassy by dhimmi British cops.

Zilla has a lot more

Disgraceful. Just Disgraceful:  England under sharia

6 thoughts on “UK: Two EDL members stabbed by mohamadan 'youths'; Police goes after EDL…”

  1. Thank you, Sheik! How sad that the Brit cops protected the mohamadeen scumbags who keep saying IN THEIR OWN WORDS that they want to destroy and rule over their non-muslim hosts rather than protect the intended victims of the islamorageboys, intended victims who are England’s own people!

  2. OT. This video needs to go viral. A Christian pastor invites a Muslim preacher to receive Christ and calls the venomous religion of Islam and its pedophile founder what many of us only think about and don’t dare say it out loud. Hat tip to TT

  3. I was in attendance at the American Embassy yesterday along with other like minded folk trying to pay our respects and place floral tributes as we did last year, but this was not to be, instead we were met by police, cornered and issued with a section 14 without any further communication, but not without polite effort on our part and a short seated refusal.We shortly succumbed to the police and were then ushered past the US Embassy to make way for Mac to come through and rant their vile spew, Eventually after intense pleaing I was allowed along with an escort of 2 police officer’s to lay my tribute not at the allocated zone for this event, but instead to have to place it upon a memorial statue in front of the Embassy door’s, whilst those so called peace loving muslim’s chanted and waved banners all wearing face covering’s to which a ban had been placed upon during such demonstration’s but were never requested to be removed . when asked if I could take all the other tributes I was flatly refused without once again any explanation as to why again we asked questions but to no avail as no answers were given. To say that this treatment of an obvious two tier system was infuriating. we disbanded calmly and left. only then later to be attacked with knives by this vile vermin as we gathered to travel the long journey home…. To our so called leader Cameron I say this! you have labelled me and others alike as Sick in recent week’s, well yes I am Sick!..Sick and tired of this unjust and unfair treatment and all because as far as I can see it you and yours alike just do not have what it takes to Lead this Country and once again make it Great! But know this No Matter how unfair your treatment of us is…. We Will Never Back Down… We Will Not Go Away… And We Will Never Surrender …To These Backward, Barbarian, Brainwashed Scum!!….below a few pic’s relating to this.

  4. Why allows the dhimmi (9:29) government of UK, the demonstation of Muslims (Anjem “Andy” Coudary & Abu Izzadeen) on the tenth anniversery of 9-11 … where nearly 3,000 people died by Islamic jihadist (9:111) ???

    They can demonstrate in a democracy … but not to threat the USA on this day!

    Shame over shame on the British Government and the coward traitor Cameron

  5. Moving British PATRIOTS aside to allow Mohammedan SCUM to make their obscene vile protests tells you all you need to know about the state of the Multi Culti, Politically Correct, moonbat Country that was once the UK. It also tells you that the British Police can no longer be relied on to PROTECT the BRITISH public.

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