3 thoughts on “United Against Free Speech: Muslims, Homo's & Commies Make Strange Bedfellows…”

  1. Tarek Fatah should just leave islam … but he’s obviously attached and unable to discard it for the sake of generations of cultural and familial ties.
    His interpretation of islam is definitely his alone.
    It must be hard for someone to come to the conclusion that many generations of their families have followed a false and demonic prophet right up to their deaths.
    Seems a nice enough guy and seems living evidence that islam can’t erase all of a person’s humanity.

  2. He can’t leave it for the moment because he’s in a wheelchair. Thanks for posting this, Sheik! I’ve just read Steyn’s latest book and it’s very, very funny, and brilliant. As was the one before it, America alone. Read them, people.

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