While you were sleeping….


Jihad U.S.A.:

“Imams Gone Wild”– Taliban Among Us

Russia fights back:

Russia Hunts Down Chechen Terrorists Abroad  (No Yuman Rites for Islamic headbangers? What’s the world coming to?)

Chechen exiles demonstrate near the Russian consulate in Istanbul on Sept. 24, following the recent murder of three Chechen terror suspects in the city.

 On orders from the Kremlin, Russian agents have been liquidating Chechen terrorists abroad.

Turkish investigators suspect that a Russian was also behind the latest killings, the recent murder of three Chechens in Istanbul. Some believe the operations are being planned from Berlin.  (Der Spiegel)



Sudden Jihad Syndrome

Stop stealing our thunder:

What’s the world coming to when crazy jihadists and insane state sponsors of terrorism can’t get along?

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