Andy Chaudrey: "Is Assassination of Obama Legal?"

Imam: ‘Is Assassination of Obama Legal?’

I’ll be damned if I care.

Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) — a radical Islamic website that vows to “expose the enemies of Islam” — featured a front page article on Monday titled Is the Assassination of President Obama Legal?

The article’s closing paragraphs pose that very question to “the West,” asking if the president’s death would be “justified” given his “horrific track record against Islam and Muslims.”  (The Blaze has more)

Honeypie, it doesn’t get any sweeter for Muselmaniacs than under Obama. Enjoy the ride before you fall off your welfare horse…..


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3 thoughts on “Andy Chaudrey: "Is Assassination of Obama Legal?"”

  1. Does Anjie Choudary consider himself a British citizen or a citizen of Islam?
    If he answers to the latter, which I know he will, then he has a right to be killed as a traitor and shit disturber living within Britain.

    I say bring a drone over Loondonistan and hunt down and kill the fox, Anjie, as soon as he steps out of a populated area.

  2. Clearly an essential question, al Kidya

    He conciders him as nothing but citizen of the umma, is my guess. Only when it comes to the jizya, it may be necessary to admit to having the British citizenship

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