French court cancels permit for Marseille mega-mosque

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Yes we would:

Would You Vote for the Koran-Burning Pastor? He’s Running for President  

Would ban Shariah law in the U.S.    Read More »


Sweden: No Burqa in the Courtroom
Three women (?)  wearing head scarves completely shielding their faces were denied entry to a Gothenburg courtroom on Friday during the remand hearing of one of the suspects in the Röda Sten murder plot case.  (The Local)
Soccer Jihad: FIFA Submits
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP)—FIFA vice president Prince Ali Al Hussein will propose that football’s governing body agrees on “general principles” for the use of Islamic headscarfs in the game at the meeting of the Executive Committee in December.

One thought on “"Backlash"”

  1. since all sports(wo)men are expecte to comply with the the islamic clothing laws (heascarves, cover men’s knees) when competing in islamic countries, and o comply, why is the western world too cowardly to demand the same respect?

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