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Horrible… Obama Says: Republicans Want “Dirtier Air, Dirtier Water” (Video)

Today at one of Hussein Obama’s taxpayer-funded campaign bus stops, the community organizer told his supporters,

“The Republican plan comes down to this, ‘Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance.’”

 Dumber & Dumber:

Muslim POTUS Obama demands Americans “preach tolerance”

He also said it is “imperative” that public schools create a “climate of acceptance and compassion.” (But not for whites, Chinese or Japanese, they don’t need it…)

Donald Trump:


MORE VIOLENCE… Far Left Occupy Rome Protesters Destroy Statue of Mary (Video)

The Obama-endorsed Occupy Denver protesters were just as bizzare as their #OWS brothers and sisters out east. And, like the other far left rallies the organized mob openly promoted violence and murder.

Other Peoples Money:

MSNBC Expert Calls for a List of the Rich to Pressure Them to ‘Give Back’

More fair distribution of social responsibility through taxation…”

“Kill the Jews”

Is the coin finally dropping?

Finally, At Least One Conservative Will Admit It… Herman Cain Says Liberals Want to Economically Destroy the US (Video)

Mediaite reported, via Free Republic:

On Meet the Press today, Herman Cain explained to David Gregory why he believes that liberals in the United States are invested in seeing the country fail and would do anything to see its destruction.

Cain argued that if the economic situation was to get any worse, “it would destroy our economic capability,” and from that the United States would have to look at making cuts in defense spending, which Cain seemed to imply were not on the table for him. Gregory asked the candidate to clarify if he truly meant liberals would be implicit in the destruction of America, rather than just pure mismanagement. Cain continue to stick by his comments, saying, “They do not believe in a stronger America, in my opinion.”


Leftists unerringly select the very worst aspects of US culture to imitate in Australia. Instead of First Amendment free speech rights, liberal gun laws and Buffalo wings, they go for apocalyptic climate terror, lame white-boy rap and pretending that gay marriage is one of the most important issues of our time.

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Updates below:

 Pamela was there and took pictures:

Occupy canada

Occupy Portland Protesters Sing “Fuck the USA,” Obama Supports #OWS Revolution, Plots to Use Anger in Reelection Putsch
Obama endorsed Lisa Fithian: #Occupy Organizer, Union Educator–And Israel-Hater
Obama-endorsed Occupy Portland desecrates war memorial
Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street: “Blame the Jews” “Hitler’s Bankers, Wall Street”
Obama-endorsed #OWS Frances Fox Piven Telling College Students To Be Ready For Violent Street Battles
Obama-endorsed #OWS Protester  defecating on a POLICE CAR
Obama-endorsed #OWS “Eat the Rich”
Obama-endorsed Hate at Occupy Wall Street Protests « Emergency Committee for Israel
Obama-Endorsed Occupy Denver Protesters: “Hang and Shoot” Bush Administration
Obama-Endorsed Occupy LA Protester: “Zionist Jews… Need to Be Run Out of This Country” (Video)
Obama-Endorsed Occupy Portland Goons Sing “F*ck the USA” (Video)
‘Occupy Boston’ Ruins Food Bank Fundraiser, Conservatives Step in With $3,700 Fund Drive
Despite Costing City of Boston Thousands, Mass Governor Greets and Hugs ‘Occupy’ Protesters
Obama endorsed #OWS Coast Guard member spit on near Occupy Boston tents

Check out Denver, El Marco was there: Neo-Cannibals, Deadbeats, Dopers and Democrats Occupy Denver

Ever since Karl Marx defined his vision of the future, socialists have been awaiting the complete collapse of the world-wide free enterprise system, and the beginning of a cataclysmic international Marxist revolution. The Occupy Wall Street movement is supported by Communist Party USA, the Islamic Republic of Iran, communist dictators Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, as well as the AFL-CIO, SEIU, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, and the Democrat Party.

The violent Jacobin tendency among socialists was evident in many of the signs carried at this march.

They start training them for the revolution very young these days. Note the proud father looking on as his daughter hoists her protest sign, background left. Above we see a classic astroturfing operation. Handmade signs produced by a radical organization are intended to lend a “spontaneous grassroots feel” to what is a highly organized leftist operation. Nobody has ever witnessed this type of activity at a tea party, even in Washington, D.C. when there were a million participants. Yet  astroturfing is standard procedure of every leftist or Obama administration-organized “action” that I have witnessed.

Neo-cannibals seemed to be everywhere. Above, a sign adorned with a skull with a red anarchist ‘A,’ and bloody knife and fork recall the peak of the psychedelic revolution in 1969, when Charles Manson and his crew of hippy chicks went on a murder spree and bragged about defiling the corpses of their wealthy victims with flatware. President Obama’s friends, infamous terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, shocked the world by publicly rejoicing and declaring the three-fingered fork sign as a new revolutionary symbol. This guy looks ready to chow down.

This fellow is the lone representative in this post of the many, many photographs I took of people who were there to support legalization of drugs as their main issue. When I asked him about his shirt, he told me that it is from a glass-pipe shop in Denver, which supplies drug users with paraphernalia. When I asked him what the most expensive pipe there costs, I was surprised when he said $7,000.

Joe Sacco has a degree in film making. I asked him if he would turn down a job with a salary of $74,000, and he said that  he would consider it, depending on the benefits package. He made it clear that his sign is totally serious.

Many college grads voiced their grievances about the fact that they didn’t immediately get high paying jobs right out of school. Choosing fields of study that are not in high demand, or racking up debt rather than working and saving, were their choices. The consequences of getting a degree in art history or an advanced degree in basket weaving, like Stanley Ann Dunham, can be living on food stamps when one is unwilling to take a job below one’s qualifications. Boo Hoo.

Tragically, this little girl looks like she’s already on a course that may damage her possibilities. Please, sweetheart, don’t get any tattoos or piercings. According to one professor I heard speaking on the subject, fewer university students are disfiguring themselves these days and the fashion seems to be going out of style as the weak economy presents them with a serious reality check. An amazing number of the protestors have prominent tattoos.


Slavery was another theme. I didn’t ask any of them if they’ve met someone who has actually been a slave. I personally know two men who escaped slavery in Africa and made it to America. Simon Deng and Francis Bok both love America, even though they are not wealthy here. They were both tortured by their Arab masters and forced to drink water and eat food with the animals. What these protesters refer to as slavery, i.e. working for a paycheck, looks like Nirvana to the vast majority of the world’s population. People who think like these leftists are slaves to their sense of entitlement and culture of unwarranted grievance.

Another Jacobin threat of violence? At least she’s not a slave.

This is a utopian airhead leftist who, on her own, has come up with the Pol-Pot formula for a perfect socialist society.

Malkin linked to a video of a Denver University student at Occupy Denver saying “There’s a lot of stuff that needs to change, and if it doesn’t, violent revolution will come. If you get the thirteen families that own the world, including George Bush and his administration, get them in front of the White House and hang them and shoot them, because they deserve that.”

Lots o’ rage. People who didn’t appear angry for the last  hour now seethed with white-hot anti-capitalist passion.

As they approached the Federal Reserve, the anarchists moved in to the lead the march with locked arms.

As the marchers neared Civic Center Park, a couple of dozen plonked themselves down on the street and refused to go any farther, sending El Comandante into a rage. “Not f##king here. Get up.” He told them they should occupy the street in front of the Capitol.

They rose in awe of El Comandante’s power, and followed as he led to the Capitol.

The occupation of the street seemed to be a tantrum in reaction to Governor Hickenlooper’s order to clean them out of the park on Thursday night. Up until that moment, protesters had considered the Governor to be a radical like them. He was outed as a radical during his tenure as Mayor of Denver, when it was revealed that he established and funded the Chinook Fund, which he specifically created to support organizations that were too extreme leftist for other liberal foundations to channel money to.



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