EU Manual for Educators: How to Condition European Children to Accept Their Own Genocide

Changing the perception of reality: “Diversity” is just another word for genocide.

Invented guilt, shame and self-hatred  for our own culture, history and civilization, are powerful weapons when used to indoctrinate children. As we can see with Gaia worshipers who would get rid of humanity to save the earth, we will see future generations indoctrinated with doubt and animosity against everything we hold dear. This is not something that comes out of nowhere;  the former KGB agent/defector Yuri Bezmenov explains how to destroy great nations from within,  (here in a video probably  30 years old, but more relevant than ever)   but the dragon eggs of Communist subversion  are hatching now and we see the effects everywhere.

Yuri Bezmenov by onmyway02

Thanks to  Cheradenine Zakalwe

A new EU-funded manual has just been released by Amnesty International, giving educators guidance on how European children can be conditioned to accept their own genocide. 

It is based around a Slovenian poster exhibition called Faces of Racism Revealed. There are 12 posters in all. Each comes with a set of Interactive Activities, Key Learning Points and “Did You Know?” sections. These are supposed to inculcate a sense of guilt into the children about their own culture, history and civilisation.

The example of slavery is quoted below.

Slavery: at the time of the American Revolution and the proclaimed
equality and natural rights of man, the notion of natural Black inferiority
helped the American government to justify slavery through
labeling Blacks as sub-humans and thus not entitled to the rights
attributed to man.1 The transatlantic slave trade lasted for 400
years (16-19th century), inflicting unimaginable suffering on millions
of victims. It is estimated that between 25-30 million Africans were

Slavery is portrayed as a uniquely European phenomenon. The phenomenon of Muslim slavery, which existed for almost a thousand years before the transatlantic slave trade had even begun, continued to be significant until the 20th century and, in some parts, still continues today, is not even mentioned.

A distorted view of history is built up in which Europeans bear a unique burden of historical guilt. Instead of being seen as the leading source of rationality, science, democracy and enlightenment, Europe is portrayed as the perpetrator of tremendous wrong-doing. The children are taught to be ashamed of their own past. Once this sense of shame has been sufficiently inculcated, the children will be willing to accept their own genocide and hand over their ancestral living space to hostile aliens – because they will see this process of dispossession, at the emotional level, as a rightful retribution for past wrongs.

In the midst of the propaganda, there are a few interesting intimations of truth.

Recent research has shown that the children of immigrants tend to
have lower employment outcomes than the children of natives in most

Due to their different ethnic, cultural, social and family backgrounds,
school pupils from minority groups such as immigrant or Roma children,
although just as intelligent as majority students, may require
additional support within the school system.

Equality is not about treating everyone in the same way, but it recognises
that in a diverse and multicultural society, people have different
needs, which need to be met in different ways in order to ensure
equal opportunities for all.

This is a good one. Non-Europeans are disproportionately represented in our prisons not because they commit more crime but because they are “over-policed”!

Conscious or subconscious labeling of certain groups within policing
practices, can lead to the over-policing of these groups, which can
result in their over representation in crime and prison statistics. For
example, blacks comprise about 12 % of the U.S. population but 40
% of the prison population.

Considering one culture superior to another is racism.

Racism nowadays often tends to advocate cultural superiority as
opposed to biological superiority, promoting the belief that there is
a hierarchy of cultures and that the exclusion and discrimination of
foreigners or minorities is justified in the name of allegedly “incompatible
cultures”, religions or “civilisations.”

Interesting to have the EU admit that a majority of the people reject their own deranged ideology.

A survey in 8 European countries at the beginning of 2011 showed that
about half of respondents believe that there are too many immigrants in
their country, about one third believe there is a natural hierarchy of ethnicity
and half or more condemn Islam as “a religion of intolerance.”

Research shows that media coverage of Muslims is generally negative
and dominated by issues of security and terrorism. The bulk of media
coverage focuses on Muslims as a threat (in relation to terrorism), a
problem (in terms of differences in values) or both (Muslim extremism in
general).5 Half of Britons link Islam with terrorism.

“Unfounded ideas”. Here they abandon the pretence of objectivity, and step over the line into current political debate, criticising a politician by name. Children are being brainwashed to consider the ideas of some politicians more correct than the ideas of other politicians!

In 2010 a leading German politician Horst Seehofer said that Germany
should not accept any more Turkish or Arab migrants and focus
instead on cultures more similar to Germany’s. Focusing on the origin
of migrants rather than their skills, serves to reinforce stereotypes
and unfounded ideas about the incompatibility of different cultures.

Source: Manual for Educators