Great Idea: Lets Hand Afghanistan Back to Mullah Omar & the Taliban!

Disgrace is just another word for clueless  stupidity.

Capitulation. But who cares, right? The Twin Towers are down, already. Quit your complaining. “Washington ready to negotiate with Mullah Omar,” by Dean Nelson for the Telegraph, October 28 (thanks to JW):

The latest from the  Klintoon Hall of Shame:

Don’t ask  don’t tell;  she was advised by her personal Saudi attache’ Huma Abedin.

Washington is ready to negotiate with Taliban leader Mullah Omar and now regards his involvement as crucial to the prospects for peace in Afghanistan, Hillary Clinton has said.

In other news:

 ‘Nothing Will Be Contradictory to Sharia Law’

( – When asked by whether Afghanistan should repeal its laws that make it a crime for a Muslim to convert to Christianity, Afghan Ambassador to the United States Eklil Hakimi did not answer directly but said that while his country’s constitution provides for “freedom of religion” it also says that “nothing will be contradictory to Sharia law.”  (source)

Her comments been taken as a significant shift in American policy from moves to divide the Taliban-led insurgency and isolate Mullah Omar, the man who sheltered Osama bin Laden as he plotted the September 11 attacks, to an acknowledgement of his leadership.


Key general: Iraq pullout plan a ‘disaster’

Of course it is. Its all part of the Obamsters game. In case you haven’t noticed: the enemy is in the white house. Its all deliberate to strengthen Islam and to weaken us.

It follows the disclosure earlier this month that American officials had met leaders of the Haqqani Network, the powerful Taliban faction blamed for some of the most devastating attacks on American and Nato forces in Afghanistan, including last month’s attack on the US embassy in Kabul in which seven were killed and 19 wounded.

Earlier this week the faction’s commander Sirajuddin Haqqani warned Washington that only the Quetta Shura, led by Mullah Omar, could negotiate a peace deal and that his fighters would not be divided from its leadership.

In an appearance before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Mrs Clinton said the United States would continue to “fight, talk and build” in Afghanistan and Pakistan to “test whether these organisations have any willingness to negotiate in good faith”….

Afghanistan and Pakistan analyst Arif Rafiq said Mrs Clinton’s comments marked a significant change. “Hillary Clinton’s public statements prior to the recent Pakistan visit noted a desire to split Quetta Shura elements from Mullah Omar. I think they [now] recognise that though talks have yet to yield tangible dividends, attempts to split the Taliban have failed,” he said.


No kidding, really?

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  1. All those young lives lost in a foreign land for what, disgraceful slap in the face.

    Our leaders are nothing but corrupt Quislings.

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