Hamas hands over Gilad Shalit to Israel


Gilad Shalit is free, but gaunt, malnourished; freed Hamas prisoner calls for more kidnappings

The photos paired above are posted as they appear at the Telegraph today. Today is a day for a study in contrasts between Israel and the various Palestinian factions: the treatment of prisoners, the value of human life, and the contrast in fundamental values: Shalit was a solider in the wrong place at the wrong time, abducted and held hostage by jihadist, terrorist thugs. The Palestinian prisoners were in prison for a reason — many reasons, including murder.

Above all, today illustrates the intensity of the double standard to which Israel is held among its neighbors; for so many, however far backward Israel bends will never be “good enough” so long as it so rudely insists on continuing to exist.

“Israeli military: Schalit suffering malnutrition,” by Daniella Cheslow for theAssociated Press, October 18: (Gilad Shalit is free/JW)

Soldier in “good health” after handover in Egypt, as transfer of 477 Palestinian prisoners is initiated under swap deal.

Al Jizz report Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit has been handed over to Israeli officials in Egypt by Hamas, as a prisoner swap deal between Hamas and Israel gets under way.

Shalit was handed over to Egyptian authorities early on Tuesday morning, reported Al Jazeera’s Sherine Tadros from Cairo, the Egyptian capital.

Groups of Palestinian prisoners are now being sent by bus to Gaza via the Rafah border crossing with Egypt.

Tadros said Shalit was reported to be “in good health” and was being held inside an arrivals hall at Rafah, accompanied by Ahmed Jabbari, the head of Hamas’ al-Qassem military wing, before being transferred to Israel.  (More)

The soon-to-be-free terrorists who should NOT be released

Elder of Ziyon:

I have said that I do not support Israel releasing those who have planned major terror attacks, and from what I can tell, most of the terrorists that are supposed to be released are not these mega-terrorists, but rather those who were more low-level (transporting bombers and bombs, for example.)

However, there are a few who are going to be released – mostly to be exiled – who fit the category of terrorists who should not be released, ever, because they can conceivably plan new attacks.

Here are some of them

And Al Arabiya praises the killers:  Sympathy for the devil