Saudi Savages Offer a Million to Kidnap an Israeli Soldier

 Update II

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas misunderstands his religion; thinks kidnapping is Islamic:

I Will Never Recognize a Jewish State; The Capturing of Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit Was a Good Thing

MEMRI via TT: 

 Islamic Jihad bombards southern Israel with longer-range Grad rockets

Update I: 

Sowdi Barbarian Princeling Offers a Million to Kidnap an Israeli Soldier

Rest assured that the Mossad had a special meeting about this today…..

  Our peace-partner from Fatah,  the moderate terrorists:

Israeli Airstrike Kills Nine Palestinian Militants ARAB  Rocket Scientists in Gaza

It starts off by telling us that Palestinians Arabs were killed. Only later do we find out that the Pal-Arabs started this round of fighting by firing a rocket into Israel on the 26th, leading to the Israeli air strike that the enemedia describes as the beginning of the fighting.

Egyptian Cleric Lunatic: “Tomorrow we  will destroy Israel and wipe it out of existence”

Egyptian cleric calls for sharia in Egypt

Lets impose the sharia quietly and in secret!  All Power to the Clerics!  

(Another Vlad Tepes tip)

A translated excerpt from a very moving and impassioned speech by Sheikh Umar ibn Abdul Aziz in Egypt, calling for the shariah and moving Egypt and its people to establish the deen of Allah, and to give the revolution real meaning post Mubarak. He exhorts them to fear no one but Allah in doing so, even if America and Israel declare war on Egypt, for the “war against Israel and America” is “better than the war against Allah” by not implementing his deen as the way of life that it is. Given in October 2011.

This khutbah was given at Masjid Nur, Cairo, Egypt.

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  1. So how come this uneducated Abdu cleric is wearing a Chrsitmas hat in the video? Shouldn’t he be wiped out of existance for this?

  2. This is tantamount to a declaration of war. Israel should retaliate by sending a few Predators to take out these sandfilth.

  3. Sorry about the spelling – it should read “Christmas”. DP111, I agree with you – why not take it further and nuke Palestine (and Mecca, and Medinah, while they are at it… might as well nuke Riyadh, too, where that backwards uneducated “Prince” lives and whores…). I say nuke the whole of Islam… the world doesn’t need it.

  4. Palestinian Arab Aggression Will Never End

    By Victor Sharpe, Family Security Matters

    “Cycle of violence?” Not. Muselmanic Terror: YES!

    No, the terror will continue so long as Israel and the IDF merely retaliates against each and every separate Muslim Arab crime against the Jewish state’s civilian population. As one person, commenting on a blog, stated: “Israel’s taking out a few rocket launchers is like giving aspirin for cancer. It’s only a band aid – not a cure.”

    These last few days, Israeli cities and villages have been bombarded with dozens of Grad and other missiles from Gaza; lethal weapons, many brought in from Libya. Last Wednesday, October 26, 2011, a Grad rocket brought into Gaza from one of Gaddafi’s looted weapons stockpiles, was fired into an Israeli town. This began a relentless daily barrage.

    There was no Israeli response until the following Saturday when a gang of Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists were spotted preparing to launch several more Grad missiles at Israeli civilian targets. They were killed and the Grads and their multi-barrelled launchers destroyed before they could be fired.

    Predictably, the mainstream media attacked the victim, Israel. The BBC, CNN, and the New York Times all blamed Israel during this latest unprovoked Palestinian attack, giving the usual pass to the terrorists. This twisting of the truth must give great joy and comfort to the ghost of Josef Goebbels; Nazi Germany’s Minister of Propaganda.

    But if the Israeli government does not inflict far, far more intensely painful responses to the terror bosses of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the human cockroaches who infest the Gaza Strip, then the missiles will continue to strike at southern and central Israel with increasing lethality and horror.

    The Israel Defense Force (IDF) produces charts and graphs showing the ever increasing capabilities and destructiveness of the terrorists’ weapons caches. The deadly flow of Grad missiles entering Gaza – with Egyptian complicity – from the looted arms stores of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya exposes the real meaning of the Arab Spring. The so-called rebels, who were aided by NATO, are not the democratic loving folks who Hillary Clinton and her boss, Barack Hussein Obama, claimed them to be.

    Along with all the European heads of state who gleefully joined in the lust for Libyan oil that masked their hollow claims of bringing democracy to Libya, Clinton and Obama have unleashed a Muslim Pandora’s Box, which will create in the Maghreb (North Africa) an Islamist, Jihadist and Sharia compliant wave that will eventually engulf Morocco and Algeria. It will extend west to Mauritania and its loathsome tentacles will then reach south beyond the Sahel and into equatorial Africa.

    Like Hillary’s and Bill’s destruction of the Serbs, which allowed the ancient Serbian heartland of Kosovo to become a Muslim beach-head in the Balkans, so too Hillary’s and Obama’s misguided policies – under the guise of an Arab Spring – have plunged the world into an endless and perilous cycle of violence in which untold horrors will plague the entire globe.

    The Islamic tide is rising. With every foreign policy misstep by the Obama Administration and the grotesque mishandling of her term as Secretary of State at the State Department, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are emboldening the Islamists in their aim of a creating a worldwide Caliphate.

    Nowhere has their ideological foolishness and political ineptitude been more glaring than in their relentless obsession with what they call Israeli “settlements.” They even go as far as to denounce the construction of homes within Jerusalem’s city limits as “impediments to the peace process.” Again Palestinian Arab terror, the real impediment to peace, is cynically ignored.

    Jerusalem, north, south, east and west is Israel’s capital. It was her capital city 3,000 years ago – millennia before the United States was created and Clinton and Obama came to power.

    Judea and Samaria is the biblical, ancestral and aboriginal heartland of the Jewish patrimony going back to the time of Joshua’s entry into the Promised Land. Before that, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Jewish patriarchs, lived in the land some 4,000 years ago and are buried in Hebron, Judea; one of Judaism’s four holy cities.

    Jews have always lived in this tiny sliver of land in whatever numbers they could maintain and the hills and valleys of Judea and Samaria are dotted with Judaism’s shrines, holy places, villages and ancient cities from time immemorial. The very ground embraces its Jewish heritage and patrimony. Ask the archaeologists. Read the Bible.

    Yet here come Obama and Clinton, et al, parroting the mendacious and deceitful lies of the Arabs, those who call themselves Palestinians, that Judea and Samaria is Palestinian territory and that Jewish villages are “settlements.” Even Judaism’s holy shrines, such as the biblical Joseph’s tomb in Shechem – the city now known by its Arabic name, Nablus – are Islamized by the Palestinian Authority and attempts by Muslim Arabs to desecrate it and turn it into a mosque are all too frequent.

    Clinton and Obama employ today, as so much of the world sadly does, the Jordanian Arab name of “West Bank” for the territory instead of biblical Jewish Judea and Samaria. This is the territory the Arabs want to take as a Palestinian state – a first stage before taking what is left of Israel. But it must be repeated again and again that there has never in all of recorded history existed a sovereign, independent nation called Palestine; and certainly not an Arab one.

    This “West Bank” was seized by the British officered Jordanian Arab Legion when it invaded and occupied the territory in the 1948 Arab-Israel War. The Jordanians drove out the Jewish population, including from the Old City in Jerusalem, and the subsequent illegal Jordanian occupation was recognized only by Britain and Pakistan.

    Yet the thousands of years that the land was known as Judea and Samaria are forgotten and sublimated to the name, “West Bank,” which refers to the term given to the mere 19 years of Arab occupation that lasted from 1948 to June, 1967. How strange!

    So many times have such slanders and falsehoods about this Jewish heartland been spewed by Arabs and their supporters that now the world cannot comprehend the immoral, unspiritual and unhistorical fabrication that they have perpetrated.

    That the morally bankrupt United Nations vomits such lies endlessly is one thing, but that Hillary Clinton and United States President, Barack Obama, repeat it and hurl it at Israel is shameful. But we know by now that neither of them are true friends of the Jewish state. Anything but.

    So, in the face of the villainous campaign to delegitimize and demonize the embattled Jewish state by the Arab League, the Muslim world, the Left and the execrable international and national media – with few honorable exceptions – Israel must realize that it is time to weather the storm by responding both to Hamas and terrorist crimes and aggression with a terminally painful and crushing rejoinder.

    It must also decide that, if needs be, it is better to be hung for a wolf than a sheep. After all, whatever restraint Israel shows in the face of Muslim Arab terrorism and barbarism, she will still be vilified, slandered and pilloried by a hostile and unsympathetic world. And whatever concessions she makes, one truism will always remain: Palestinian Arab

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