“Jihad is Jihad, it’s an honourable thing…”

Now wait: how did she get that idea? Muslim apologists who keep lecturing us that jihad is peaceful ‘inner struggle’ keep telling us that only a caliph can call for jihad. So how did Wafa al-Bis get her peaceful religion so wrong?

She was just 21 years old when she failed to detonate a suicide vest at an Israeli checkpoint after it was spotted by soldiers. Her case gained particular notoriety for she was on her way to receive treatment at an Israeli hospital for disfiguring burns, raising suspicions that she intended to blow herself up there.

She couldn’t wait for a caliph to wage jihad. And now she wants to do it again.  Is  Wafa al-Bis  misunderstanding her peaceful religion?

Failed Pali Bomber Intended to Detonate at Hospital Treating Her  (ROP)

“It was my dream to be a martyr but Allah God didn’t grant it,” she says, insisting that her target was the military, not civilians. “I wanted to kill as many Israeli soldiers as possible.”

You wouldn’t know that she’s lying, would you?

She meant to target the Israeli Beersheba hospital where she was to receive treatment for her burns. And she had the explosives in her underwear……

Asked if she would undertake a suicide mission again, she says: “Of course. Why not?? I would be a suicide bomber three times over if I could.”  (More)