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Occupy Melbourne, Not Palestine March

 Usually, these f*kctards are coached by Muselmanic minders and hysterical Musel-females with hijabs and megaphones. Looks like this time they managed to whip themselves into a fanatical frenzy all on their own:

Tim Blair reports from down under:


Most of the Occupy Sydney protesters went home:  They arrived with fire in their bellies, revolution in their hearts and bags of instant noodles.

But it seems a couple of nights sleeping rough in Sydney’s Martin Place has been enough for most of the Occupy Sydney protesters, whose campaign is fizzling out after less than 48 hours.

A nation’s hope now turns to those firebrands at Occupy Adelaide.

Andrew Bolt:

The Occupy Melbourne protesters want to change the world. Trouble is, they have no idea what to change or how:  these  revolutionaries who haven’t even worked out what they’re revolting against:  What do we want? We don’t know. When do we want it? Not sure.

The Milanese Deserve a Prize For Honesty:

In Italy,  he protests were quickly dispersed but red graffiti was daubed on its walls expressing anger at Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, and saying “Give us money”.

‘Marxist Revolution’:

Beck Shows O’Reilly How Organized Effort Guides World-Wide ‘Occupy’ Protests

 Liberate Wall Street: Infiltrate and Humiliate!Click on image to enlarge….  (The Peoples Cube)

Obama-Endorsed Occupy LA Protester: “Zionist Jews… Need to Be Run Out of This Country” 

Occupy Wall Street Twinkle Time (Moonbattery)

If it’s evil and insane, you can count on the communist scum constituting the Occupy Wall Street movement to twinkle their fingers in agreement with it:

American Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street‘s ’Courage,‘

F**k yo Mama too!
‘This Is Not About Obama, This Is About My Mama!’: Al Sharpton Leads ‘Jobs and Justice’ March in DC

Collectivists of the world unite! 

Both the Nazi Party and the Communist Party of the US back the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I did say on yesterday’s Bolt Report that the instinct to baa was what united the Left and Right.

Brendan O’Neill:

This is a movement which claims to speak on behalf of ordinary Americans, “the 99 per cent”. Yet its super-cool members spend most of their time moaning about how ordinary Americans, being a bit dumb, have been “emotionally brainwashed” by “right-wing propaganda”…

What we’re witnessing is not the birth of something new, as the occupiers would have us believe, but rather the death of something old – the death of a principled Left that believed in progress and development and in the ability of “the little man” to change his world for the better.     If only their brains were occupied instead  (Andrew Bolt)

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  1. Useful idiots?
    – In cooperation with “destroying the West from within”, and “arab spring&democracy”?

  2. This drivel starts in the academy – a factory producing and endless stream of moronic, unthinking imbeciles who cannot think for themselves and instead adopt a left wing fantasy drilled into them by deluded professors who have zero insight into real life. Really pathetic.

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